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The holder prints “Take what you need”

I picked Hope

I stay encouraged
That’s what I vowed to do
I read it in the Good Book
Know a song about it too

Suppression blocks Encouragement

Thus I Hope for what I need

“Keep Hope Alive” I watched Jessie shout this through the screen

Hope is what’s keeping me to Survive


Person who aims to Be
Encouraged at all times

I keep Hope Alive
I Survive
Living each day reaching to Thrive


The G.R.U.D.G.E 



Refused to be





Copyright Niki Alston October 10, 2016

This past week October 2- October 8 God has once again revealed MUCH. This battle we face I say again is for the Souls and the Spirits.

We are Spirits here on Earth, these choices we face are either building or destroying Spirit. There is a hold on gripes, misperceptions, false teachings, and lack of understanding that has festered into damaging grievances that has us at the moment were at today.

At this time we are all being called to look at ourselves deeper than ever to say what will I do to shape the future. We have defined the problems, We have watched the lies unfold, now it is our time to stand for the Soul and Spirits of the Future.

I write to express my thoughts, I Live to be a solution, I aim daily to join with others to display the One Accord of Better and Greatness, praying to be a “Great Truth whose opposite is also Truth”

We have more choices than we examine, and we have to look outside of the mainstream to focus on the stream of Unity to change things. We can Restructure more than we think. Learn everything they are not teaching and discussing; here is the start of planting seeds within to generate ideas out. Everyday read history, learn something new completely outside the culture, start to go places you haven’t been, and in the newness- newness will reveal more of itself.

Today I pray That we ALL will Be Blessed to see what Spirit is saying beyond what is being shown before us. I know the message may seem as another repeat but right now we are still in the repeat of racism, crooked politicians and candidates;  we are still fighting for fair pay and equal opportunity; and until these issues are resolved the message to solutions will be the same Unify, Build Spirit and Soul, seek newness to get new, Trust, Build and know the things that are R.E.A.L.



Accurately beyond


Will create and Generate the next Level of Transformation to things that have been started but have not quite gain the momentum to solidify impact.

Happy Good Monday World – I promise I am Seeking the depth required to be more of solution

What’s the Police Solution

In the conclusion of a conversation held Saturday, this was my final take on ALL that’s going on

“I have not posted any direct articles about Crutcher or Scott on my page- I will not watch the video because no matter what the video shows or say – it always seems to turn into what the “dead”: could have done, should have done, or would have done from everyone. On both sides, it’s never heavy questioning of the cops. Understand much ridicule of the shootings, much about the shootings, but the “dead” are dragged through the mud.

My only concern about everything is this -what’s the solution to cops who are PAID to protect and serve – not shoot people of color 1st and ask questions later – what’s the solution to end that policy under the badge that allows this crime to keep happening over and over again. And if this is the new policy with no retribution, jail time, or loss of job and pay, then maybe we can start hiring gang members as officers as well so they can become more legally employed and this may end some of the issues we have on the other end”

There have been over 2000 lives mainly Black Lives lost at the hands of the police over these last few years and this is what the rage for me is about. If the shootings in our communities are senseless imagine how even more senseless it is for paid employees whose oath of their position is to protect and serve and they are acting like simple thugs with no regards to life especially the BLACK LIVES

Happy Soulful Super Suddenly Saturday – May we Be Blessed to live the remainder of these days as solutions giving voice, action, and physicality to God by becoming the Grandest version of the Greatest Vision ever held about who we are, and who we will become. The Best is yet to come- So may we all Be Blessed to Make it Great.”

Angry I Should Have BEEN

Believe it or not


Most of us want to escape this


But it keeps knocking at your door, ringing your phone, controlling your timeline, and bombarding your news feed TV or online


Why because It’s Time


It’s time to Live Up to “ALL that Makes America Great”


It’s time to Live Up to the Greatness of History, that Higher Power you so judge everyone actions upon, that sin you have shared with us for so long, It’s Time to Be all of God you have taught for so long and “established the laws upon”, Its’ time to answer completely without any excuses of what you don’t know or don’t understand when everyone now has a dictionary with an encyclopedia in their hand. It’s time to live up to that right and wrong you have established rules, regulations, and laws upon It’s Time


And It’s long overdue to make Amends on actions so many are crucified for while others walk away unscathed


We have heard your outrage on numerous issues including abortions


We have yet to hear and see a stand for your fellow human lives.


You coined “ALL Lives Matter” now make it True


We are tired of hearing you protest louder for EVERYTHING under the sun – other than this


This “This”, I am speaking of is modern lynchings/ justified murders by KKK in uniforms – you are tired of hearing about it- and we are so exhausted from marching, petitioning, rallying, and protesting


And most exasperated from burying people who only fault, blame, or crime is being “Colored”


However we understand it will never bother you for 3 reasons


1. Throughout history you have been comfortable labeling us as animals yet you protect animals more than you can muster up the decency to treat us fair – sad as it is that’s all we ever asked for -fairness- you don’t have to like or love us just be fair – but somehow that simple decency has alluded your ancestors and you


2.The label you give is the label you wear- from your slave ships to prisons -no one knows an animal like an animal


3. Throughout history in all your misdeeds for some reason we have never gathered the hate, the extreme anger, or the lowness to kill you “Whites” in the manner in which you do us-even when we have taken a stand for ourselves the number of times we have resulted to violence versus the countless times you “whites” have killed in masses or individuals have no comparison in numbers, the last 3 years of senseless murders outweighs our numbers throughout history alone


You see there are numerous cities and countries where you are clearly outnumbered and no police can truly protect you all and still -knowing this- all we ask for is fairness and this scares, baffles, and drive your minds and actions of guilt, shame and privilege to acts of pure insanity and disgust.


So you protest everything and justify it all with everything other than the Honesty that your actions back then and your current actions now are utterly barbaric, low class and GHETTO.


I said a week or so ago “We are all burnt Black from the hypocrisy” and right now the people of color you shot at constantly will be you “Whites” killing your own “whites” more than you have experienced thus far Columbine and Sandy Hook have nothing on the massacres you will face from your own – I promise it will never be us to be this way -not towards you all -history has shown it’s not in our DNA


We as Blacks, People of Color will do as we always did and do now Love, Pray, and continue to make the most and even delicacies out of the scraps you give and I actually believe this is also another fear factor for you- how can people endure so much and still make it through and Great


Signed the Angry Black Woman Niki Alston today on Wednesday September 21, 2016 .


And in all my anger I still have not picked up the phone and called none of my Cousins on that ass- because Trust more of them are waiting on that call than you think- but it has never been or will be in my nature


We Pray and Strategize to make better before we result to war- we leave those tactics and teachings of war, terrorism, and hate to “You Good White Folks”


Now protest this like you have the teacher stepping on the flag and continue to remain silent in things that really matter like you do

Who Do I Live For?

To wake up thinking its at least 3 AM or so – and the clock says 1:06 AM – Wow

So I scroll hoping to drain myself back to sleep

An hour later, I have this on mind:

Within each individual heart “Can we ask ourselves this question, “Do I Live for God, or Do I live for man”?

Now God for you is who is for you – putting All religion aside regardless of the teachings you follow those teachings all believe in a Power higher than self other then Atheist

So again I ask “Do I live for God, or Do I Live for man?”

And to every individual that answers Yes I Live for God, I live for that power Higher than Self

Seek your heart again and answer this next question putting all personal beliefs aside, answering solely on the Love of God “How much of God rules my heart and mind”

Not what I believe, what I been taught, take a deep personal assessment and answer if God and I were walking hand and hand right now in the physical, would I do the things I am doing, would I treat people the way I treat them, would I talk the way that I talk, I am sure you understand where this is going

If not here it is – Live for God seeing him as a Spirit, as well as a person walking with you right now, going everywhere you go, doing everything you do, and if you feel He would be proud of your actions carry on

But for many of us we know he wouldn’t be and this is why we aim to justify Him every step of the way, not for understanding of self but for justification of our actions or lack thereof.

You see even if I stay away from the headlines of the news and take in the personal battles, the war that’s raging is how we treat one another and while the largest battle is racism the underlying factor is how much respect do we have for one another and how much love do we have for ourselves to treat others the way we do. There is no question of what justice and fairness looks like. The question is how do we conquer our personal hate to stop putting it out in the world. Whether it’s man versus woman, black versus white, or dog versus cat right now the ego, hate, pain, and lies need to be checked and addressed. Let’s just throw as much of the bullshit as we can out the door; let’s stop being the pot calling the kettle black when right about now we all are burnt black by the fire of hypocrisy.

Do I Live for God, or Do I Live for man? And if it be for God -Truth will stand

A Past Note to Self

I have a huge stack of writings that are typed, and the goal is to go over each one of them, improve and share.  This weekend I read this message out of the pile.  This vision was written 10 years ago and shared for a contest or scholarship I am thinking, yet as of this day and this moment it is so Amazingly Wonderful to see the majority of these Words Lived and Alive today. I love God, I am here to serve the World, and I am so dedicated to being a part of World Change and Betterment for our Future. The “” around certain words were added and/or corrected today but this entire piece was copied verbatim from the original 2006 document with one paragraph moved up, and another paragraph completely omitted because it has no relevance or purpose for my life in 2016. God lives in me. My Father and I are one. May I Be Blessed to be “kept” from evil that I may not cause pain” to share the testimony and be a continued progress towards Greatness.

On May 17, 2006 I wrote:

“This may come across as being extremely conceited; nevertheless the person I have learned to look up to in my life as of May 17,2006 is me, Niki Lakia Alston”

There are many people on this Earth I admire especially my Grandparents, my Mom, my Aunts, “numerous” cousins and friends. I am extremely impressed with people such as Oprah Winfrey, Dave Chapelle, Mary J. Bilge, Wayne Dyer, Max Lucado, Bishop Eddie Long, Joyce Myer, Joel Osteen, and many others for the choices and stands that they have made in their lives, along with confidence, truthfulness and the ability to share their stories with the world.

I am a thirty- year- old mother of three. My oldest was born eleven years ago and during this time I had no sense of self-love or self-worth. I was young and had no idea what I was getting myself into” I just knew in my heart abortion was not an option at this time. I had no knowledge or understanding of who I was and everything I “tried” to make my life better was “useless”.

One month before my 25th birthday, one of my dearest cousins was gunned down a few feet from his house. His death had an enormous impact on my life in a negative and positive manner. The grief and heartache was a pain I had never experienced. However the positive impact Mede me examine my life, change my focus, and cherish what I had.

The following year on April 1, 2001 I decided to celebrate his birthday by attending a morning church service “( 7:45 AM)”. This sermon was another impact on my life and I decided that day to join the church and make Jesus my Lord and Saviour. I can remember my Aunt Dee Dee inviting me to become saved when I was six years old, and “I can remember later that same year stepping forward asking to be baptized at my church in DC, both times agreeing although I didn’t understand what I was agreeing too.

Twenty years later this invitation had meaning and understanding to what I was agreeing too, everything the Minister preached made sense to me. April 2001 began a journey of self discovery, each day a dedication to a better life, and each year the Bible study became more intense, and now here May 2006 my lifestyle consists of an in depth study and a quest to be a service to the world.

Everyday I look forward to living, learning, and bettering myself in order to be of service to others. In July 2006, I will take my first class at Wesley Theological Seminary, ” Discovering your Spiritual Gifts” ( this never happened). I want to use the knowledge I acquire in this program as a basis and mission for my company 2Morrow Is Our FUTURE. I titled this company 2 for the next generation with an emphasis on FUTURE because my entire life’s purpose is to serve God “and” by developing this company I will provide the next generation with tools and knowledge that provides a sense of self -worth at an early “age and” stage.

At this present moment through constant prayer and meditation I have acquired Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, “and “Faithfulness with a passion for Life and the Future. I am so impressed with little ole me, these traits I now possess and this HUGE VISION I have to change the World! “

September 10, 2014 a Facebook Memory

I may have shared this on this site before, but when I read it in my feed today in my memories I wanted to share it here.

HappY Saturday May we Be Blessed with continued Growth of Much Love, Peace, Soul, and Happiness

Happy Wednesday Everyone- Trusting Everyone is getting through the week as Good as possible -11 days into this 39th year of living and I smile even more now because I have gained a better understanding that Life will be Life – and we all have a choice to be a victim or victorious

As I learn how to deal with the obstacles that come and keep my focus on GOD – I see how Life can “seem” to be on repeat and you will find yourself appearing to be stuck if you focus more on the problems. In no way am I saying ignore the problems, however I do know now- to acknowledge them, talk about them 3 times at the max, cry if need be, and then let it go.

What I know differently now from what I did in my past is make a decision to say NO MATTER what I am going through I will be Victorious- and the best way for me to get the Victory is to focus on GOD and his Word no matter what. Today I celebrate seeing that Life obstacles will always come, however this time I know it as just that- an obstacle to overcome. Enjoy the remainder of the week FB as usual MUCH Love, Peace, Happiness, and Soul – Because I am so determined to MAKE THIS GREAT!!!!!