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Power Is Not A Thought, It’s An Action

December 19, 2018


So don’t think about, take it…


We are taught, in theory, in lessons of morality, that justice always prevails. We are taught that she/he who upholds concepts such as compassion, integrity and justice will always “win” in the end. (We’re morbidly obsessed with “winning” everything in our winner-take-all, lottery mentality version of a society.) We tell ourselves that we’re good people – despite promoting a system founded on genocide, slavery, war, profiting on pain and misery, etc. – and that the only reason we do bad things is because everyone else does. We convince ourselves that if we don’t do these horrible things someone else will – so “I” might as well get something out of it. Too few of us stop to realize that that is precisely why and how we do these terrible things which prevent us from becoming civilized.

We take pride in technological advances, even…

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