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September 2, 2017

Written August 2013, Original Version Published in County Lines: A Literary Journal- Volume I 2013 edition

Revised September 2017

“Most people are so hard to please that if they met GOD they’d probably say. ‘Yes, she’s Great, but …” – Diana Ross

Perfectionism has its opposition. I reach for things that many are content with grasping from a TV, while I watch Many More go out their way to be with those stars just to count their every flaw.

Perfectionism is a Major Impossible in the eye of Flesh. It’s Vision/ Version of “better” that keeps Me Reaching, Diving, Striving, Determined, Destined to get there.

Where is There?


I refuse to believe I am as bad as the quote above, I know in the smallest of things, I am worse than the quote above.  I AM Determined as I Strive for MY Blessings/Vision/Version of “Better” I motivate my Surroundings.

I PRAISE GOD for PROMPTING ME, ENCOURAGING ME, and EQUIPPING ME to Undertsand in Knowledge through HIS WORD not Only am I Good, EVERYTHING IS GOOD. He Reminds Me that I CAN WIN as long as I “Keep My Head to The Sky”



Yes These Lines Do Cross

Humility to show that double for your trouble goes both ways

God’s Timing of Patience Hurts, but it wont Kill.

I count the time in Impatience 

Last hours of Church, Work, and School

“Read to Go”

I Thank God because although I am rushing to Go, 


I’ve come to Love

 And I Am Ready to Manifest

Spirit provides the Lessons, Experience, and TEAMS. And Life has Provided EVERYTHING I NEED

In Flesh Perfectionism is Small and Controlling

In Spirit It Will Create a Greater Order

God is Calling US ALL to Live a Level of Greatness that I Know I am Shying away from

In Spirit/Blessings/ Vision/Version  of “BETTER” I want things Greater on ALL Levels Small and Big

Perfectionism/Spirit/Blessings/Vision/Version of BETTER is Greatness of GOD bringing out the HIGHEST in ME to Share and Teach being A Part in Greatness for ALL who will receive, including ME!!!!


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