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August 6, 2017 

August 7, 2017

I remember in the movie “Parenthood” the Grandmother shared a story about the roller coaster. She shared this story during a time in the movie when things around her were in chaos.

Once again I spent the past two weeks editing everything written thus far on this site.  And I as completed the editing, viewing my past thoughts expressed, Life for me has definitely been spent on many of these roller coasters. I am amazed at myself and the thoughts that I have, the words and feelings I have expressed, knowing in some moments I could boldly define me, and in other moments I questioned much about my existence. Those low moments for me have created a doubt that’s been hard to shake and separate.

This past Tuesday I watched a sermon that explained how one can be “Everything and Nothing at the same time”.  “How you are loved and needed over here and despised over there.”

Wednesday I expressed some things about myself, that led to me being removed from a group.  Friday after reading the majority of my site, I decided to NEVER DOUBT MYSELF AGAIN. And although I have expressed MUCH about Courage, Confidence, and Trust, this time headed into another “new year” this up and down with doubt has got to decease. Have moments of second guessing yes; although it’s time for this too, to be cut down as well.  The second guessing may surface but Trust my instincts and my inner voice over much.  That internal piece of doubt that I thought was removed but I saw how it has resurfaced each year somewhere including this past March 2017, which was reminded to me by my only writing for March 2017, doubt has got to go.

Today Sunday, 8/6/2017 at 11:16 PM after the complete reading of my site no articles remaining to be reviewed.  I understand that Life can be a roller coaster, filled with Lows and Highs. Moments of High Speed and Slowing down. Coming to complete stops to enter and exit. I can be “Everything and Nothing at the same time”; but from this moment forward with every ounce of energy in my Being never look back, and KNOW that I am Love, Peace, Soul, and Happiness; and in these states and quality nothing about doubt has Life.

Happy Sunday The 8 Month of the year, 6 days in, day 216 of 365- Thank You that I AM BLESSED with the removal of doubt from this moment forward.  GREATNESS for 2017 IT IS -is the theme for this year and there are a 149 days that remain to Make It So.  I Believe and Live All the Positive I have written and shared on this site, Greatness is the final step in the making to BE MADE!!


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