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Which One Shows?

March 25, 2017

My week in review- March 19-24 7th day she resting with Everything that God Allows

Monday was Perfect

Tuesday- Thursday – WTF

Friday – I spoke from you know what – but here’s the thing – I sat down at 7 PM to get back in align with the schedule and this is what I had to accept that’s keeping me in my cycle.  It was Ugly and Petty – which also clears up why so many other things keep showing their face.

I, Niki Lakia Alston, get so distracted by BULLSHIT AND $5 – I mean what can I say I don’t play when it comes to my tips- as I am so serious and enjoy my waitress life – more than I like to admit too- certain levels of Freedom in that restaurant world that the reminder of the world forces you to lie or deny.

That it almost knocked me off one of  the Greatest Revelations thus far.

See Faith is believing That God got You, Let It Go , Let IT Be,

Doubt and listening to people EVERYWHERE BE IT IN PERSON OR TV tells you all the things you need to be doing.

God Got It so Let IT Be

You see I Love Everything about Letting it be except this _”where is the money to live letting it be -be”

So I grab this- I do that – and in my grabbing and doing I Love to jump at waitressing and then have to argue about $5 and tips – SMH

However this morning was a return back to schedule without my doing- the hours changed – so 6 AM service returned, and I finished everything at 5 PM- so 7 PM returned and I got this

“Stop letting the pettiness Demon live in me – no more. So fucked up in the game something is STILL always being stolen from me in ALL AREAS because I rob my own joy being in these circles and not knowing how to ignore the shit and except it for the reason you enjoy that circle anyway.

Complain Yes- Kill No- Fight No -why -because the freedom I retreat to – Always shows me my foolishness in arguing over the $5 to begin with- stop getting sucked in to that shit

Head has not been done how I want it in the last five years because I refuse to give in- Laugh typing but serious for real -$5

Victor- Tell’em I made my Petty video

What can I say it’s been quite challenging to Live and Learn yet in Freedom I laugh, in your world I argue

Which life would You choose?

And which one shows?

Happy Friday World – Enjoy the Weekend

Tai Miles, Radreka Bradley Princessa Palmer- Hayes, Rhonda Watts and Nissa- Day 33 of Surrender – Grace and Glory -Day 83 of 365- Day 21 of 40 Day Lent- Grace-
Which One Shows?


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