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The Wound Attempts to Help The Scar

January 30, 2017

I haven’t shared my own voice in awhile, the 1st Month of 2017 is coming to a close and the order of my focus has changed just a little
1. God
2. Self
3. My children
4. Family
5. The world in reference to the contributions I make currently
6. The world in reference to the contributions I will make towards the future

I have shared with some “Its taken me 20 plus years to get in this shit and it just may take me 20 plus years to get out of it.”

This year will mark my 7th year of Transition into many areas of life -spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and Lord aw mercy for the financially. While I have gained milestone transitions in mindset; physically the Baby steps are in motion but as shared with a friend – “This year is the working for those steps to pick up speed”

But for the meantime in between time, in the words of a sermon by TD Jakes

“allow me to stitch your scar while I hold my wound”

We all know what and who we have in the physical office that has caused and created much chaos in a matter of 10 days. For many of us we know Who is the ruler and author of our life so whose in office doesn’t have much bearing on our lives anyway. Yet in my thinking, if we could see what’s at hand and work boldly together, while he is in the process of using everything in his power to destroy as much as possible, this is our opportune time to build and rebuild especially if we didn’t use the prior 8 years to do so.

Prior to this post I shared two videos that provide insight on building financially. Yesterday I wrote a document to assist towards a module for a financial literacy workshop. I amaze myself at times having access to some of the things I do but have yet to apply them to my own life, thus understand why I say:

“allow me to stitch your scar while I hold my wound”

The document i wrote yesterday addressed mindset, money and wealth. While there are many forces working in this world that play a part in much i.e. society, environments, levels of education, etc.
Between yesterday’s document and today’s video mindset, money, and wealth are three things we all have access too. How we are using them and what we are doing with them are the factors that we of the darker shades of hue have drastically got to change.

Once the financial literacy course is complete, I will share with you the dates and times the class will be offered. Please know that i am not the teacher of this class I only offered some insight towards mindset, money and wealth which was gained from two books I have been studying from, and some advice I know a few of my family members and friends are living..

So, in the meantime in between time “allow me to stitch your scar while I hold my wound” and close with this- examine the mindset, gain insight of money, and desire to know wealth

Because as rich as one may consider themselves to be, unless one has $1000-$5000 at disposal to share with anyone between the ages of 16-25, and I am not speaking of a charity, I am speaking of an actual individual on a monthly basis, and not miss it or have to care where its going, we are missing the mark to create the money and wealth that’s needed to sustain our Future.

Pay Attention to everything that’s being taken away and ask yourself if the bank was to drop today do you own most of what you have, can you rightfully say this is mine and it is paid for, other than clothes and shoes?

These are the things we have to change for Future- “allow me to stitch your scar while I hold my wound” and deeply consider our stand for our Future, and what can we currently do now to contribute to making and creating drastic changes.

PS the $1000-$5000 will be explained at another time but in between time consider all things ages 16-25 need and could use during this time on a monthly basis beside clothes, shoes, cell, and entertainment – and this is the start of ideas to develop that will come into play – thus being a creator and provider of opportunities


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