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The G.R.U.D.G.E 

October 10, 2016



Refused to be





Copyright Niki Alston October 10, 2016

This past week October 2- October 8 God has once again revealed MUCH. This battle we face I say again is for the Souls and the Spirits.

We are Spirits here on Earth, these choices we face are either building or destroying Spirit. There is a hold on gripes, misperceptions, false teachings, and lack of understanding that has festered into damaging grievances that has us at the moment were at today.

At this time we are all being called to look at ourselves deeper than ever to say what will I do to shape the future. We have defined the problems, We have watched the lies unfold, now it is our time to stand for the Soul and Spirits of the Future.

I write to express my thoughts, I Live to be a solution, I aim daily to join with others to display the One Accord of Better and Greatness, praying to be a “Great Truth whose opposite is also Truth”

We have more choices than we examine, and we have to look outside of the mainstream to focus on the stream of Unity to change things. We can Restructure more than we think. Learn everything they are not teaching and discussing; here is the start of planting seeds within to generate ideas out. Everyday read history, learn something new completely outside the culture, start to go places you haven’t been, and in the newness- newness will reveal more of itself.

Today I pray That we ALL will Be Blessed to see what Spirit is saying beyond what is being shown before us. I know the message may seem as another repeat but right now we are still in the repeat of racism, crooked politicians and candidates;  we are still fighting for fair pay and equal opportunity; and until these issues are resolved the message to solutions will be the same Unify, Build Spirit and Soul, seek newness to get new, Trust, Build and know the things that are R.E.A.L.



Accurately beyond


Will create and Generate the next Level of Transformation to things that have been started but have not quite gain the momentum to solidify impact.

Happy Good Monday World – I promise I am Seeking the depth required to be more of solution

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