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What’s the Police Solution

September 26, 2016

In the conclusion of a conversation held Saturday, this was my final take on ALL that’s going on

“I have not posted any direct articles about Crutcher or Scott on my page- I will not watch the video because no matter what the video shows or say – it always seems to turn into what the “dead”: could have done, should have done, or would have done from everyone. On both sides, it’s never heavy questioning of the cops. Understand much ridicule of the shootings, much about the shootings, but the “dead” are dragged through the mud.

My only concern about everything is this -what’s the solution to cops who are PAID to protect and serve – not shoot people of color 1st and ask questions later – what’s the solution to end that policy under the badge that allows this crime to keep happening over and over again. And if this is the new policy with no retribution, jail time, or loss of job and pay, then maybe we can start hiring gang members as officers as well so they can become more legally employed and this may end some of the issues we have on the other end”

There have been over 2000 lives mainly Black Lives lost at the hands of the police over these last few years and this is what the rage for me is about. If the shootings in our communities are senseless imagine how even more senseless it is for paid employees whose oath of their position is to protect and serve and they are acting like simple thugs with no regards to life especially the BLACK LIVES

Happy Soulful Super Suddenly Saturday – May we Be Blessed to live the remainder of these days as solutions giving voice, action, and physicality to God by becoming the Grandest version of the Greatest Vision ever held about who we are, and who we will become. The Best is yet to come- So may we all Be Blessed to Make it Great.”


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