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Angry I Should Have BEEN

September 21, 2016

Believe it or not

Most of us want to escape this

But it keeps knocking at your door, ringing your phone, controlling your timeline, and bombarding your news feed TV or online

Why because It’s Time

It’s time to Live Up to “ALL that Makes America Great”

It’s time to Live Up to the Greatness of History, that Higher Power you so judge everyone actions upon, that sin you have shared with us for so long, It’s Time to Be all of God you have taught for so long and “established the laws upon”, Its’ time to answer completely without any excuses of what you don’t know or don’t understand when everyone now has a dictionary with an encyclopedia in their hand. It’s time to live up to that right and wrong you have established rules, regulations, and laws upon It’s Time

And It’s long overdue to make Amends on actions so many are crucified for while others walk away unscathed

We have heard your outrage on numerous issues including abortions

We have yet to hear and see a stand for your fellow human lives.

You coined “ALL Lives Matter” now make it True

We are tired of hearing you protest louder for EVERYTHING under the sun – other than this

This “This”, I am speaking of is modern lynchings/ justified murders by KKK in uniforms – you are tired of hearing about it- and we are so exhausted from marching, petitioning, rallying, and protesting

And most exasperated from burying people whose only fault, blame, or crime is being “Colored”

However we understand it will never bother you for 3 reasons

1. Throughout history you have been comfortable labeling us as animals yet you protect animals more than you can muster up the decency to treat us fair – sad as it is that’s all we ever asked for -fairness- you don’t have to like or love us just be fair – but somehow that simple decency has alluded your ancestors and you

2. The label you give is the label you wear- from your slave ships to prisons -no one knows an animal like an animal and this is another reason why you aim to protect the animals more than fellow humans

3. Throughout history in all your misdeeds for some reason we have never gathered the hate, the extreme anger, or the lowness to kill you “Whites” in the manner in which you do us-even when we have taken a stand for ourselves the number of times we have resulted to violence versus the countless times you “whites” have killed in masses or individuals have no comparison in numbers, the last 3 years of senseless murders outweighs our numbers throughout history alone

You see there are numerous cities and countries where you are clearly outnumbered and no police can truly protect you all and still -knowing this- all we ask for is fairness and this scares, baffles, and drive your minds and actions of guilt, shame and privilege to acts of pure insanity and disgust.

So you protest everything and justify it all with everything other than the Honesty that your actions back then and your current actions now are utterly barbaric, low class and GHETTO.

I said a week or so ago “We are all burnt Black from the hypocrisy” and right now the people of color you shot at constantly will be you “Whites” killing your own “whites” more than you have experienced thus far Columbine and Sandy Hook have nothing on the massacres you will face from your own – I promise it will never be us to be this way -not towards you all -history has shown it’s not in our DNA

We as Blacks, People of Color will do as we always did and do now Love, Pray, and continue to make the most and even delicacies out of the scraps you give and I actually believe this is also another fear factor for you- how can people endure so much and still make it through and BE Great

Signed the Angry Black Woman Niki Alston today on Wednesday September 21, 2016 .

And in all my anger I still have not picked up the phone and called none of my Cousins on that ass- because Trust more of them are waiting on that call than you think- but it has never been or will be in my nature

We Pray and Strategize to make better before we result to war- we leave those tactics and teachings of war, terrorism, and hate to “You Good White Folks”

Now protest this like you have the teacher stepping on the flag and continue to remain silent in things that really matter like you do


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