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Who Do I Live For?

September 13, 2016

To wake up thinking its at least 3 AM or so – and the clock says 1:06 AM – Wow

So I scroll hoping to drain myself back to sleep

An hour later, I have this on mind:

Within each individual heart “Can we ask ourselves this question, “Do I Live for God, or Do I live for man”?

Now God for you is who is for you – putting All religion aside regardless of the teachings you follow those teachings all believe in a Power higher than self other then Atheist

So again I ask “Do I live for God, or Do I Live for man?”

And to every individual that answers Yes I Live for God, I live for that power Higher than Self

Seek your heart again and answer this next question putting all personal beliefs aside, answering solely on the Love of God “How much of God rules my heart and mind”

Not what I believe, what I been taught, take a deep personal assessment and answer if God and I were walking hand and hand right now in the physical, would I do the things I am doing, would I treat people the way I treat them, would I talk the way that I talk, I am sure you understand where this is going

If not here it is – Live for God seeing him as a Spirit, as well as a person walking with you right now, going everywhere you go, doing everything you do, and if you feel He would be proud of your actions carry on

But for many of us we know he wouldn’t be and this is why we aim to justify Him every step of the way, not for understanding of self but for justification of our actions or lack thereof.

You see even if I stay away from the headlines of the news and take in the personal battles, the war that’s raging is how we treat one another and while the largest battle is racism the underlying factor is how much respect do we have for one another and how much love do we have for ourselves to treat others the way we do. There is no question of what justice and fairness looks like. The question is how do we conquer our personal hate to stop putting it out in the world. Whether it’s man versus woman, black versus white, or dog versus cat right now the ego, hate, pain, and lies need to be checked and addressed. Let’s just throw as much of the bullshit as we can out the door; let’s stop being the pot calling the kettle black when right about now we all are burnt black by the fire of hypocrisy.

Do I Live for God, or Do I Live for man? And if it be for God -Truth will stand


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