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A Past Note to Self

September 12, 2016

I have a huge stack of writings that are typed, and the goal is to go over each one of them, improve and share.  This weekend I read this message out of the pile.  This vision was written 10 years ago and shared for a contest or scholarship I am thinking, yet as of this day and this moment it is so Amazingly Wonderful to see the majority of these Words Lived and Alive today. I love God, I am here to serve the World, and I am so dedicated to being a part of World Change and Betterment for our Future. The “” around certain words were added and/or corrected today but this entire piece was copied verbatim from the original 2006 document with one paragraph moved up, and another paragraph completely omitted because it has no relevance or purpose for my life in 2016. God lives in me. My Father and I are one. May I Be Blessed to be “kept” from evil that I may not cause pain” to share the testimony and be a continued progress towards Greatness.

On May 17, 2006 I wrote:

“This may come across as being extremely conceited; nevertheless the person I have learned to look up to in my life as of May 17,2006 is me, Niki Lakia Alston”

There are many people on this Earth I admire especially my Grandparents, my Mom, my Aunts, “numerous” cousins and friends. I am extremely impressed with people such as Oprah Winfrey, Dave Chapelle, Mary J. Bilge, Wayne Dyer, Max Lucado, Bishop Eddie Long, Joyce Myer, Joel Osteen, and many others for the choices and stands that they have made in their lives, along with confidence, truthfulness and the ability to share their stories with the world.

I am a thirty- year- old mother of three. My oldest was born eleven years ago and during this time I had no sense of self-love or self-worth. I was young and had no idea what I was getting myself into” I just knew in my heart abortion was not an option at this time. I had no knowledge or understanding of who I was and everything I “tried” to make my life better was “useless”.

One month before my 25th birthday, one of my dearest cousins was gunned down a few feet from his house. His death had an enormous impact on my life in a negative and positive manner. The grief and heartache was a pain I had never experienced. However the positive impact Mede me examine my life, change my focus, and cherish what I had.

The following year on April 1, 2001 I decided to celebrate his birthday by attending a morning church service “( 7:45 AM)”. This sermon was another impact on my life and I decided that day to join the church and make Jesus my Lord and Saviour. I can remember my Aunt Dee Dee inviting me to become saved when I was six years old, and “I can remember later that same year stepping forward asking to be baptized at my church in DC, both times agreeing although I didn’t understand what I was agreeing too.

Twenty years later this invitation had meaning and understanding to what I was agreeing too, everything the Minister preached made sense to me. April 2001 began a journey of self discovery, each day a dedication to a better life, and each year the Bible study became more intense, and now here May 2006 my lifestyle consists of an in depth study and a quest to be a service to the world.

Everyday I look forward to living, learning, and bettering myself in order to be of service to others. In July 2006, I will take my first class at Wesley Theological Seminary, ” Discovering your Spiritual Gifts” ( this never happened). I want to use the knowledge I acquire in this program as a basis and mission for my company 2Morrow Is Our FUTURE. I titled this company 2 for the next generation with an emphasis on FUTURE because my entire life’s purpose is to serve God “and” by developing this company I will provide the next generation with tools and knowledge that provides a sense of self -worth at an early “age and” stage.

At this present moment through constant prayer and meditation I have acquired Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, “and “Faithfulness with a passion for Life and the Future. I am so impressed with little ole me, these traits I now possess and this HUGE VISION I have to change the World! “

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