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September 10, 2014 a Facebook Memory

September 10, 2016

I may have shared this on this site before, but when I read it in my feed today in my memories I wanted to share it here.

HappY Saturday May we Be Blessed with continued Growth of Much Love, Peace, Soul, and Happiness

Happy Wednesday Everyone- Trusting Everyone is getting through the week as Good as possible -11 days into this 39th year of living and I smile even more now because I have gained a better understanding that Life will be Life – and we all have a choice to be a victim or victorious

As I learn how to deal with the obstacles that come and keep my focus on GOD – I see how Life can “seem” to be on repeat and you will find yourself appearing to be stuck if you focus more on the problems. In no way am I saying ignore the problems, however I do know now- to acknowledge them, talk about them 3 times at the max, cry if need be, and then let it go.

What I know differently now from what I did in my past is make a decision to say NO MATTER what I am going through I will be Victorious- and the best way for me to get the Victory is to focus on GOD and his Word no matter what. Today I celebrate seeing that Life obstacles will always come, however this time I know it as just that- an obstacle to overcome. Enjoy the remainder of the week FB as usual MUCH Love, Peace, Happiness, and Soul – Because I am so determined to MAKE THIS GREAT!!!!!

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