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Sunday, July 31 st 

July 31, 2016

I was weeding out “Nia’s Garden” today and these lines from a poem I wrote was brought to memory while I was pulling up the weeds. When I wrote this poem I had no clue I would be living in NC and I was actually speaking of a garden metaphorically- I guess God had other plans in mind – Happy Sunday – 41 is approaching and the garden is producing

The poem was titled “Untitled”

The seeds sown

of “wrong” and “right”

have Bloomed

or Dried

in the Sunlight

Flowers of Beauty Emerge
Blossoms of colors

Vivid, Bright, Bold, and Fun

A Picture Perfect Moment
Best Captured with Sun

Every Element
helped the Blooms

to Grow and Glow

Thirty one I was
Forty-one I See

A Garden full of Flowers

Fruits, Vegetables and Trees!!!

Have Hope in Your

Joy in your Pain

Words that Moves Mountains

and Actions of same

Some seeds must die to Spring Forth New Life.
written and typed 2006 shared it with maybe 5 people; retyped and shared October 23, 2011 12:26 AM
let’s see what the garden will grow at age 41:) We must Speak to Spring Forth new Life.


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