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Conformity, Brainwashing and Flat out Bullshit

July 19, 2016

Conformity is something we all become victim to in one way or another. Most of us live a fairly routine life, and the average usually aspire to live comfortable. The job, the house, and the car. Take care of our kids and family. Live a little, Love a little. Aiming to live life to best of our pay checks, celebrate Christmas, Birthdays, and summer vacations. Other than the people who aspire to be movie stars, musical artists, or professional athletes( meaning a life more in the spotlight versus the life of the “general” working class); most people truly want a job in a particular field and aim to live as well as possible. In the grand scheme of things nobody wants to be poor and struggling, nobody wants to be judged and made to feel guilty for being alive because of the color of their skin, and the majority just want to buy and provide without lasting debt. Conformity tends to lead to complacency and this is why when many are living pretty decent to well off lives, they often have a hard time relating to those who desire change of any form.

Brainwashing is conformity mixed with lies as truths. In brainwashing not only is an individual comfortable, and complacent they actually believe that injustice, and things such as racism and sexism either don’t exist or are not what they appear to be.  Brainwashing is a mind completely sold on its belief and have no intentions of believing different from what they know. In Brainwashing no information of Truth is required at all, whatever the masses and media say, must be the truth. That’s all that’s it.  Because conformity and brainwashing are intertwined this too is something we all become victim to in one way or another, and it’s this brainwashing, methodologies, ideologies and lack of understanding that has humanity in the divide we have lived in for so long, that constantly festers throughout history.

The flat out bullshit is what is taking over the airwaves now and what has gotten us back to this point, between last night’s speech, this upcoming presidential election, and the continuous explanation for the purpose of the Black Live Matters Movement which was throughly explained in numerous examples, articles, media coverage, and forums when the group was initially created and began to gain recognition.  The flat out bullshit is the fact that again for the number of churches that exist in the USA period regardless of domination there is no way we stand for God and this shit hasn’t stopped.  It doesn’t matter if we are in conformity or brainwashing, to attend church on a regular and to have not yet taken a unified stand against what’s going on now, shows conformity to attending church on Sunday’s because that’s what the “good folks” do.  The flat out bullshit is when things are clearly laid out and for whatever reason that truth generates questions, but to “Make America Great Again” is all that needs to be said.  The flat out bullshit is why people are shooting cops to ensure the divide never ends.  The flat out bullshit is we keep acting as if the meaning and quality of these words Peace, Equality, Justice, Compassion, and Love haven’t been defined, discussed, and demonstrated enough for us to raise our thoughts and minds above the conformity and brainwashing to live Truth, come together in masses as one at one time, and stand as more than the 100 voices we are forced to hear.

There are over 7 Billion people in this world and people of color and class are fighting, petitioning, and warring all over this world aiming to gain peace, equality and justice.

Right about now whether we live in conformity, brainwashing, or the flat out bullshit to keep sitting back acting as if Truth has not come to light, will only create more darkness, and if you think you are exempt from the spread of this darkness for whatever reason you tell yourself look at reality now and see you can barely escape the earshot of the discussion so how will you escape the full onset of the darkness if this spread does not decease.

Most just want to live comfortable without lasting debt- for many this alone is peace, equality, justice, and compassion- having the right to live simply because they have life to live. The same way one class and race has the right to enjoy life as they please everyone else wants the same.

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