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Middle Ground

June 6, 2016

On an episode of Super Soul Sunday with co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Jack Canefield shared how “Chicken Soup for the Soul” was rejected 700 times before it was published and became the success we know today.

August 2015 I came up with an idea for a company I named “Middle Ground Transportation” which is a program designed to carter to pre-teens ages 11-13.  The idea was to provide transportation to our area’s STEM Early High School, and two of the charter schools in our area. Along with school transportation I also wanted to offer day trips to the students during the summer, because here in Henderson it’s an area of gangs, growing crime, and poverty. I shared the idea with a few friends and family- everyone agreed it was a tremendous idea, I started the Go Fund Me page and in 30 days I didn’t raise one dime.  I closed the account thinking it was either my approach or people didn’t want to help.

In January 2016 I joined a Business Coaching Community and for me I can’t find a way around the need for money.  To file the license, to get help with the business plan, to acquire transportation for the transportation it all requires money.

Last week I asked maybe 7-10 people if they knew of places that help with loans, where credit and employment is not an issue.

I was introduced to Mr. Brown through a friend and he has agreed to help with all paperwork, and directing me towards business funding and grants-my only responsibility now is to take care of the state paperwork. He does not work for free he is just willing to help with a start until I can establish “funding/income”.

Where I am with this current situation and almost everything else in my life, this has been my crossroad, my  “Middle Ground”. The difference between crying the sobbing story and actually needing more than what I acquire.  I read a meme yesterday that stated ” I either make $3 last a whole week or I drop $100 in 5 minutes. There is no in between” I understood this meme because whenever a decent amount of money hits my hand it goes to support the family.  No matter how I aim to budget or save I have yet to acquire the ability to save and rise.  I know my life and conditions do not reflect this life of basically no money, I am 40 years old with 3 children still with my parents. The two times I attempted to live on my own both resulted in eviction because I could not gather the means to make ends meet or grow.  For the last 6 years I have saved every receipt I acquire just to prove to myself and anyone else who needs to see, I only spend on our needs and food. We seldom leave the house, let alone do many fun things and we have not had a vacation in over 3 years.

My car died on my birthday two years ago and I did everything possible to maintain maintenance, I receive no paternal support for my younger two children, I haven’t worked since November 2015, and there is more of a conspiracy against me in my family, then I am willing to address.  Today this Middle Ground is hitting hard because this is the second time this year $100 has hindered me moving forward with a business and career opportunity.   I have applied for employment and even one position I am looking at requires a food handlers license, another fee- small fee but another fee that just got spent on pads and water. I am sure I have heard no 700 times when it’s comes to the type of finances that will rise me above -loans, decent paying positions, grants for other businesses I have worked towards, sufficient amount of clients in the cleaning business, sufficient hours at work, sufficient pay at work, saving then an emergency hits, you name it , it’s happened; just last Wednesday I dented another car that wasn’t mine taking my son lunch to school.

Today this Middle ground is hitting and I am wondering do I find myself in this predicament often as a sobbing story or some one who really needs help?

I have done much to rise my mental above this life, and most days my mind and thoughts are so high I forget my pockets are often dry.  I have seen many things work out and I am truly looking forward to this “Middle Ground” doing the same!!


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  1. You’ve been nominated for the Sunshine and Brotherhood of the World blog awards. For more information, see Even if you cannot accept the nomination, know that you are appreciated.

    • Thank You for the nomination of both awards, I will not be able to accept this time – however I appreciate knowing that my page is seen as positive and inspiring, that;s my entire goal

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