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Happy Memorial Day Sunday

May 30, 2016

This Memorial Day the country celebrates and salute all soldiers in Every form of service that have fought and died to protect our Country.

As much unfolds for this 2016 I want to celebrate and salute all soldiers of Justice and Equality, the ones of the past and those who are bravely fighting and standing today.

I am not dismissing them that have fought and died for our country, I am just seeing the importance of saluting those who fight for our people in this country that doesn’t fight for us, but have the people they treat unjustly fight and die for it.

I am learning more each day and meeting people slowly who have order in their homes, so they stand for others outside as well.

The more “spiritual” one becomes Justice is in direct correlation with Spirit, and the deeper you go in Spirit, the deeper you know and want to achieve balance, and peace inside and out.

The prayer this week was “change city to city one house at a time”.

Slow progress is better than no progress.

As this week begins and summer is somewhat officially getting its start – May we honestly examine the things that are taking place near and far and know that life hits hard, this system is in desperate need of Justice and Equality, and ALL people living have to raise to face the conversation of Race so we all may move on to Greater heights collectively. All the power they have used in this country to hold many back is holding up more than they want to admit and thus the constant anger, hate, and frustration existing as racism and murder.

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