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May 13, 2016

“Hurt People Hurt People”

“One Good Thing About Music When Hits You Feel NO PAIN”

So I drown myself in music

“Hurt People Hurt People”

I have encountered my share of pain

“I Get It I Get It”

If I ask it”s Problem

If I leave you alone I got a Problem

Even in my room

The things still come

Because I ask for what I need

But you will not always be the one

‘Who do I run to”

No one

I seek the King

And speak to the Heaven Above

Please riddle me this

“If I ain’t shit then why are your eyes on me”

Livin life and spending time to watch shit

And to second that motion name a day shit ever watched you

“I Get it I Get It”

I got a paper trail that speaks better than you

Be it the Bible, resume, or receipts

I don’t ask about your things

Because I don’t want your things
And even at the bottom I still share more Good than You

If you desire better for me

Speak better , be better
If can’t
Then Leave me the Fuck alone

Nothing about me has the power to hurt you

Nothing about you has the power to hurt me

So why I am the topic and the goal to make me feel low

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