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May 13, 2016

“Hurt People Hurt People”

“One Good Thing About Music When Hits You Feel NO PAIN”

So I drown myself in music

“Hurt People Hurt People”

I have encountered my share of pain

“I Get It I Get It”

If I ask it”s Problem

If I leave you alone I got a Problem

Even in my room

The things still come

Because I ask for what I need

But you will not always be the one

‘Who do I run to”

No one

I seek the King

And speak to the Heaven Above

Please riddle me this 

“If ain’t shit then why are your eyes on me”

Livin life and spending time to watch shit

And to second that motion name a day shit ever watched you 

“I Get it I Get It”

I got a paper trail that speaks better than you 

Be it the Bible, resume, or receipts

I don’t ask about your things 

Because I don’t want your things
And even at the bottom I still share more Good than You

If you desire better for me 

Speak better , be better
If can’t

Then Leave me the Fuck alone

Nothing about me has the power to hurt you

Nothing about you has the power to hurt me

So why I am the topic and the goal to make me feel low

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