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Trust 2016 My One Word

May 2, 2016

Day 28/30 5th Piece shared My One Word
2013 I was introduced to “The One Word Commitment”
Two years later I decided to commit and Trust became my Word

07/16/2015 I signed the Promise and Focused on every word
Each day reading the Details

Meditating on the Definitions


Trust God

Trust Myself

Trust Others
Trust that God is for me
A seed planted

“Before pews had cushions”

When instruments were mainly feet and hands
Trust that God is Within
My Father and I are One

Pause and breathe clear my mind

His presence will be known
Trust Others
Last task and hardest struggle of this process

Kindness in one thing

Consideration is another thing,

not always guaranteed

Treacherous Spirits lurk to be Killer of Dreams
07/16/2016 the time length of this Promise will be fulfilled

And the 9 months thus far have revealed

Trust determines the Power of my Faith

Which wavered TOO MUCH in lost days
Thank You God for this time granted

To heal many wounds

I Worship and Praise your Holy name for giving Trust and Life of Growing Faith

Trust and Faith are the weapons required to Face Everything And Rise

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