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April 12, 2016

People die to give us bling so we can shine

Jesus Life was given so we can shine God’s glory

We brag and grasp the value of diamonds to shine

I am often silent and fail to live the worth of my life that was granted by life

How is it so easy for me to accept a diamond has value
And I fail to Live my worth

How are lives for stones so Valuable
And I walk around guilty for not seeing the deep rooted priceless they placed on our lives since the days of our Ancestors

I have mentioned before that everything black is given a “bad” label
So I have to constantly remind myself and be reminded of what I bring to the table most importantly Live my Life and mind removed of all labels

I know deep down to embrace my image and wealth as a King’s kid
I have more digging to go to remove the depth of the lies

Everyday a diamond shines
But “Black” lives continue to seem value-less, for us and to them

So each day I strive to teach what I preach- Live what I know I am
This journey is mine but it’s for others

For God is a Family “Man”

Creating, Developing, Growing, and Nurturing

All creates Increase, More, Future, Production

It didn’t start with me and it won’t stop at me- but Beneficial seeds I promise I will sow

People die to give us bling so we can shine
May these words be shared and heard to save your life and mine


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