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My Local Political Experience

March 16, 2016

From the top to the bottom – this world is falling to shambles by what another person said, what they heard or what they think they know

Many decisions are being made out of fear, worry, shame or “to prove”

Regardless of shade or hue- if you hear something or someone tells you something, find its merit for yourself, if you think you know, know for sure

You say you “ain’t scared” cool- team up and network – “fair business exchanges”- stop making it personal

You ain’t “got no worries” again – team up, network- “fair business exchanges”- give truth to get truth, get truth to give it

You have “No shame here, I walk mine”- cool – then “just do it” stop explaining every detail and walk it

“You ain’t got shit to prove to no one”- cool – as the saying goes” do you boo” – stop allowing “money” to control your esteem- share as a gift, give as a Blessing, receive to be Blessed, – Be Blessed to be a Blessing

As the news covers all the outbreak erupting in all areas, and the poison constantly spreads, there was one city that has always showed they don’t play, and they showed they don’t play (Chicago)- as spoken in an interview “Chicago got enough problems, he ain’t about to bring that shit here!”

“Radio, TV, even the press there was a meeting of the V A P O R S” -mouths about this person and that person but when it comes to something major will our words speak towards the things that make a difference, a major world impact

This past February 2016 I stepped outside of my waitressing and cleaning, into the local political arena, and Quisha called it right “cold blooded” (The Have and The Have Nots if you may not be familiar with Quisha).

The world keeps asking “what’s wrong with the youth of today and all this killing?”More and more, I ask “what’s wrong with adults, where they can’t see why the youth are the way they are?”

Cold blooded to me is cold blooded – the youth playing with guns and the adults are playing politics, this person this and this person that- either way I cut it – chopping a “nigga” down before they get to big.

Naw the adults ain’t throwing bullets just shooting with tongues- next time when tempted to ask “what’s wrong with our youth, remember the words spoken to put down someone, anyone- and that’s the curse planted.

To hear the words sown, and the fingers pointed during this campaign season, if we are not teaching them how to love, build, and stack paper- we are the enemies as well.


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