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What Will it Take

February 19, 2016

We live in a world where MILLIONS say they believe in a Higher Power

And no matter which religion you study they all have the same core values

I know we are all different people and we may never wholeheartedly agree on everything, and I know I am naive in many ways, so I am not saying we will live in a world with no crime, or hate.   What I am saying is we live in a hurting world and apparently in no form, shape or fashion have the growing number of believers in God mustered the know how to collectively come together on “one accord” in a significant number to make a healing impact to this hurting world.

Over 500 churches doing missions in the same countries, no where have they collectively pooled together to stop the same commercials from airing across the screen for the last 30 years yet most leaders in these countries have went from millionaires to billionaires.

A church on every corner in the black communities and the number of bodies dropping increases with the churches.

Whites seem to come out in droves in a matter of minutes to save a dog but not a peep towards the police shootings.

The mega churches are growing and the crime is increasing from school shootings, to cancer.

And the question I ask daily is What Will It Take?

Who are we waiting for?

How many more school or public shootings will it take before the animal lovers take that stand?

What proclamation or petition needs to be written before the masses can truly say let’s put everything aside so we can join together in millions to work on this project first, then this project, then this project, until most projects are done

What will it take for the many who have lost nothing to feel the pain of those who have lost much?

What will it take?

Because everyday I see the numbers of the many that say Amen, I see the number of churches in the areas of high crime, I see the numbers, but the deeds of the numbers are not adding up.

What will it take?

Who are we waiting for?

Who does this person need to be?

I write, I share, I ask , I have made videos, my words have been printed in a national paper, I have attended marches, I have been to forums on “Being Black in America”, I have tried and still aiming to start a business that supports the youth, and I know I need to network more, and I know there is more I need to do

But what will it take to have the collective movement in the masses to develop the dream?

What Will it take?
What is that thing outside the normal of what we are doing, that will make the numbers join?

What will it take?

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