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Speak Up and Speak Out

February 11, 2016

Poem #2 written May 2, 2010- Revised, Revamped and shared 2/11/2016- This is the last poem to share in this series- I have many past writings that I have been holding on too. I blame my living in a world of hate which happens at home more than I care to say. In, 2010 I had given birth to my 3rd child in April and I was crying out to God about it all. I have written much since these pieces and as I look at what I write about the subjects and topics have not strayed much from these themes.  However, for some reason these 4 pieces of that 2010 day are saying to me “you are not finish until you fully express what was said and share”. So today I am doing just that- Happy Thursday World- May we all continue to use our words and voices to Speak Up and Speak Out.

Speak Up and Speak Out

Poem#2, 2010

I use people like You

So my Power they will see

A wretch like you

All the stunts you have pulled

Who else could see you through

Your secrets are the answers

The things you are scared to share

Don’t worry about fear or embarrassment

All Your burdens I will bare

My words are Truth

Yes, Niki, I God talk to and through you

You have watched and experienced people and shows

Read books and more

No matter how fucked up you believe you are

Your character shows

A person of Love, Joy, and Peace

With flaws, mistakes, yes a human being

You believe in my word and you believe in me

You believe in my son and the commandments He leaves

He said through Him you will have Life

He shared with you the fruits of the spirit and my good

Surrounded and living in Hate

You still desired for the good of me

Niki you want Wealth, Love, and Peace.

I, God want you to finance your imagination and more

These are treasure not be hoarded

My word I gave to you

You are Spirit and Flesh

All meat spoil

The meanness and Hate will dissipate

Share your gifts

The world truly awaits

Every time I instruct you to speak

You, Niki, say ok

Sharing a little here and there

So I come to you, Niki, again saying “stop being scared”

You have to do all that you have agreed

Share my messages and some of the wisdom you have stored

This testimony must flow to everyone you’ve met

Especially the ones who believed in you when you couldn’t believe in yourself

Yes, Niki, I , God work through you

You have paid attention to the world

Share your thoughts, intentions, and goals

You have done more than you admit and imagine alone

The things you require help with



Requires partners, man was not made alone

Please Speak Up and Speak Out

You will never know when your time is Up.

Never mind the joint and cup in your hand

My word I gave to You

You have paid attention to the world and now the world will pay attention you.

Speak Up and Speak Out are my instructions to You

2/11/2016 Thank You God I have finally typed and shared this one out. Revised and Revamped with no more Fear- all original sentences included

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