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It’s Me Niki

February 11, 2016

Poem #1 2010-Written May 2, 2010- Revised, Revamped, and shared 2/11/2016
Dear God, 

I go off into our World

Dreams and thoughts are racing inside

Music, Trees, Beauty and Wants

Have me striving to Thrive

My dreams are my best friends

Talk about them all the time

They have been and are beings Spoken 

The Music are the words that’s on my Soul’s heart 

Heard them and hear them now

Voices of different, beyond the art.

The Trees are all around, gardens, plants, and flowers

I am also a frequent fond of the Loud

Once those visions blow to the air 

Those thoughts become clouds

Beauty is a gift I’ m on a mission to build within

“battered self-esteem”, false idea of Love, make believe images

I couldn’t see her(beauty) when I looked out

Wants we all got them

I based mine on the pictures in magazines

How I actually dress

And I WANT/DESIRE to dress

Shows why most days I fail to bother with the need to impress

I have struggled much with being me

In the past doubt ruled

Today I have gratitude

I am not who I used to Be

Now that God rules

I know who I am, not something I claim to be

A King’s child of Wealth, Riches, Good Health and Peace

Godly Character, Love, and Honesty

Thank You My Lord, for being Truth and Light

My gifts are your words

Spoken to Me

And so it is, Amen, It’s me.

It’s me Niki.

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