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I Have a Scream

February 11, 2016

Poem #4 2010- written May 2. 2010. Revised, revamped and shared 2/11/2016

The killing, lying, cheating, and robbing

Has sent too many to early graves

“If we are the hopes and the dreams of the slaves”

Then why are we selling ourselves back to the plantations? 

If they are the enemy and our biggest threat 

Then why are we constantly killing our own soldiers?

Life has a Purpose

Beyond the hoods and the loot

This world is Stingy filled with Greed and Takers

Therefore the money fails to show

It’s availability to ALL not just some

Stop seeing through the eyes of rich and poor

Color and the lies of past

I understand the fear and plight

Twisted rules

5-0 always in “our” sight

This scream I have is so over the BULLSHIT!!!

Them against Us

Us against Us

Eye for an eye , has blinded and robbed all eyes

Is the fear and rage at them is what’s making us constantly making us go at each other?

This Scream I have is for the establishment of Future

King’s Dream being a reality, content of character is all it needs to be

Change the World 

Life has a purpose

I have a Scream for Peace “sick and tired of being sick and tired” looking at Hate and Fear. 

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