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Achievements and Accomplishments

February 8, 2016

Yesterday a question came to mind that if you were asked what would you consider your greatest achievement or accomplishment aside from a job, degree, or “title”? What would your answer be? Would you have an answer? Would you have the ability to define achievements or accomplishments outside material value?

There are vital elements to our existence that money can’t buy, no matter how long you go to school, education will not guarantee it, and it doesn’t matter if you are the President of the United States this title doesn’t make you have them either.

While many may not see how anything defined as an achievement or accomplishment cannot be defined outside of jobs, degrees, or “title”/ position, as it appears that the only things in this world that matter are controlled by money and power, again if I were to ask you to define your achievements and accomplishments with this much being said could you think of anything else besides the obvious answer of Love.

So now that we have eliminated money, jobs, degrees, positions and Love, while many may know other things to name, everyday this world shows and proves it doesn’t know.  If it did, we wouldn’t have people calling grown men “boy” thinking it would blow over.  We wouldn’t have people needing water like we do in Flint,  Michigan and other impoverished places in the world.  We wouldn’t have senseless shootings daily be it the police or the streets.  We wouldn’t have so much blatant disrespect among people period be it racism, sexism, divorce, etc.  Now I believe Love is the highest virtue of them all, but Love is spoken so much, used so often, and abused even more. So what would be the greatest achievements and accomplishments?

The more I read, the more I reflect, the more I observe actions in the physical and listen to the words that are being spoken – to wholeheartedly consider all that’s been shared in these 39 days of 2016 the greatest achievements or accomplishments most humans could aspire to achieve during this time are

1. Inner Peace- take everything you have to deeply make peace with everything in you, stop hating yourself so much that we are continuously projecting this energy towards everyone outside of ourselves.  To all the people who say they are not evil then show it. This world should not be this divided and filled with so much hate if we have peace within.  But right now everybody can find something supposedly wrong with or about everything and the shit is not only sickening, it’s poisoning, and it has kept this world in constant turmoil long enough. If we could truly grasp how petty the things we choose to discuss daily are, and realize that they are not changing anything in this world; we would raise our words and not our voices. Example since emancipation Blacks having been fighting for jobs, education, and respect and it’s still the argument “400 years later” and in all this education we have gained thus far,  we haven’t solved most of these issues yet. We know the problems from slavery until now – can we please search deeply within outside of jobs, degrees, positions and love for solutions.

2. Understanding- this takes place with reading, and studying anything in a book. Start with a dictionary practice a word a day. Listen to hear not to respond. Observe in silence. Know history of ALL, good, bad, ugly and the crazy. Roots, Genealogy – I am gaining understanding most by placing myself in the other person’s shoes, setting aside opinion developing more of a perspective. Opinion is flat out judgment of how you see it, perspective is the ability to have a view but an open mindedness to see the other side, and in most case find a common ground to start building.

3. Purpose- if we were to truly grasp that in life we have more of a purpose to it other than jobs, degrees, and positions, we will see how planting a tree in our back yard can save the earth. We would see how helping a neighbor with anything ripples effects of service. In purpose we would realize that every morning we open our eyes even if we don’t have a penny to our names- our minds, words, gifts, talents, abilities, resources, network, family, friends, – all the things we have in our possession right now can be used to create betterment for ourselves and any one we encounter. Purpose- what do you have right now that you could share, give, say, do, think, add, aid, etc. Look around and within and you will see it. The more inner peace, and understanding you have the deeper knowledge and usage of purpose becomes clear.

4.Health- “Steve jobs was a billionaire and still couldn’t buy a liver”(comedian Earthquake). Health is deeper than the foods we eat and the exercise we do. We have to be a people of regular check ups- we have to be honest when facing health issues, more of us may be able to become donors, or donate blood. We could walk more. We have to help with the environment more so we can have clean air,”can you imagine one day buying air”(comedian Earthquake), water, solid ground. Help feed the animals. It’s an entire cycle to this world that we are neglecting.

5. Gratitude- The world wants you to be grateful for scraps, the rich appreciate nothing, and those in the middle take much for granted.  Gratitude is the appreciation for everything we can do, anything that we didn’t have to ask for, and the thankfulness of all in things we have. Gratitude is the product of humility that even if I don’t flat out own it I still have access to it. In gratitude we know that although things are not the way we planned them things are not as worse as they can be. Gratitude is the appreciation of time given to keep pushing for better. Gratitude is the awareness of the moment and the acceptance of what it holds.

While there are other qualities I can add to this list such as Kindness, Harmony, Clarity, Faith, No Sickness, Living parents, the ability to birth children, Equality, True Friendship, Honesty , and a few other things that come to mind – I strongly hope that when we think of achievements and accomplishments in life while jobs, degrees, “title” and Love are notable and worthy may we consider adding options that are not so obvious but create just as much impact on our lives and in the world if not more.

Because if I had to answer the question at hand my greatest achievements and accomplishments thus far is a person of service using everything in me to create Peace and Happiness, two more qualities that money, jobs, degrees, positions and sometimes even Love cannot guarantee.


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