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There used to be a Time

February 6, 2016

I am 40 years old and I grew up city/southern as I have shared before.  So I saw and see the marriages that have last for years and not all of them were just because, I have witnessed some genuine love between couples who made it last until “death do us part”. I can say I know a few now but not like back then.

I was raised in a time where my grandmother would send me to the local corner store with a list and no money and she would “say tell Mr. Plummer, Tom will be there to pay him Friday”. Mr. Plummer would write the total down in the book and say “get you a piece of candy and tell your grandparents hello, I will see them Friday”. Granddad would come home on his lunch break on Friday and pay Mr. Plummer what they owed.

I was raised in a time where there wasn’t a bunch of unnecessary lying, and EVERYBODY doing things for show.And although everyone may not have gotten along, there was still respect with how the things were done.

Today I see we are in time where no one helps no one, most marriages fail, and to be a fry cook at a fast food restaurant has turned into a dirty game.

As I remember how things were from when I started(1980) and how things shifted as I grew older, the things I see in 2016 are truly saddening to me. So even though I am single I truly desire to see more marriages that last, can we find that remedy of love within to love until the days no longer last.  I desire to see more community because right about now we hate family to a degree that I can’t explain. I desire to see unity because I am not understanding how back then we had very little and we shared much, now we have much sharing very little.

All I know is there used to be a time where people loved more than this and they meant it, no lies.

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