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The 1st week of Black History Month 2016

February 5, 2016

These first 5 days of February have been the most informative of Black History than any year celebrated thus far.  I believe because of the numerous shootings in the hands of police officers and whites that have increased over the last 5 years towards African Americans- we have a long overdue sense of urgency that has now increased to a serve emergency and even the silent are speaking their voice.

Tomorrow I will attend a meeting at our local Black Caucus chapter for the 1st time. And this will be my 1st time associating with any type of organization of this sort. I have never been the type to acquaint myself with political arenas, or Greek organizations.  I see that our most influential Legends in history past or present are associated with one or more of these arenas.

After reading and re-reading the stories of so many prominent African Americans shared this week along with extensive education they all became affiliated with some organization to help them make their marks and achieve their voice in history.

I was asked to attend the meeting in support of a friend, after reading the stories this week and learning the wealth of information I have, I now know me being at this meeting  is a step that has been avoided far too long. If I am to be a solution to the change that I speak and write about. The change that so many of us want and see, I have to begin to take more steps in the direction of our people past and present.  I have often wondered what good does it do to be a part of organizations that include on status, what good would it do to be a part of a system that’s not for us, what good would it do if?

After this week and facing tomorrow the question I see to ask is how much good will my knowledge enlighten others if I share what I know with as many as possible?  This 2016 I have decided to continue to write, seek new avenues pertaining to careers and attending more community events listening to the voices of many -aiming to put all of this together and become a greater impact to the solutions we as people need.

I look forward to the remaining days of this Febraury 2016 celebration as an inspiration and encouragement to deepen my path and actions as an agent of change.

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