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GOD vs Society

February 3, 2016

This was poem #3 written in 2010

This poem mentions somethings I have written in more details- I see that the time things started, then shifted in my life created a major impact-and it’s my story that I tell.  I wrestled with sharing this because I know it’s repetitive but the things that cause you the most trouble to share is usually what needs to be heard- even if it’s been said before

All my Fucks Ups

Have bought my Mind Up

Hopes, Praises, and Blessings Up

I was born Rich

Learned Poor

Lived a lie until 34

Truth opened the eyes

That have been slant since 14

Hate and worry

Had me mean

By age 20 the slant was joined faithfully with a cup

34 kicked to 35

Water, Weed, and Wine

Are three necessities of mine ( Some days washed with a few glasses of vodka make sit more fine)

WWW followed by whatever Good I choose

God, You Healing 

Good Food, with true friends, family and fun- Fellowship

Yes I am saying to one and All

In spite of flaws, habits, “fucked up” or not

I dwell in God more than any other factor in Life

Reflecting on my life 7 to 9 years ago

Instead of a 5th a day, a few cups a day

Instead of many blunts per day a few “cigs” and one blunt per day

Scared of the limelight 

The God I believe 

Requires to let your light shine

In God vs. Society

Truth that open my eyes 

I am not the one who is fucked up

It’s society’s lying eyes

After typing and reading I have shared some similar details concerning dates and perspectives but not in this tone

Happy Wednesday February 3, 2016- 6 years later God and I are still moving along 

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