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How This War was Won

January 16, 2016

This piece was originally written 1/24/2004

However in honor of Dr. King weekend – and heading into Black History Month- I will share it here today- If it’s a repeat to you I hope you receive something new- if it’s new to you thats’ even better- I am sure I may have shared this poem 5 times top

How This War was Won

We know the Words
The Bible, Kiing, Malcolm and Ghandi

We know the Music
Motown, Marley, “Black Seed” and more

History repeats, mainly because mindsets don’t change
Vietnam-Iraq, Your parents-you, My kids- me

This prosaic peice started as a short poem, that formed a letter, a letter that formed a message

I started writing and couldn’t stop it was the beginning of a process to Let Go.

This is one of the 1st pieces I developed with Honors and Blessings to GOD.

Read carefully and look because all of GOD’s works are in a book.

This book will tell the story
The story of how things become
The movie will produce to display How This War was Won

Victory your Eyes will see
Joy your heart will Feel
A Mind Blowing sensation that’s totally surreal

The Soul and Spirit are overwhelmed so they cry
An extraordinary song of Praise

The spiritual, mental, and physical become in tact, tight, and one
The mind is filled by Happiness, Goodness, Health and Wealth

Yes this life is Finally True
Give your Heart to GOD
And He will tell You what to do

Take heed and learn from the stumbles and falls
Obey, Give, Be of Good Courage and always stand tall

Apply these words diligently
They will provide peace and love forever more
Let go and let GOD settle score

Alpha, Omega, without doubt
This war is over and won
So now my people lets’ dance and shout.

Happy Saturday FB – I know the challenges and struggles we face are real but so is GOD and Unity.  Unity is not everyone agrees, Unity is the ability for everyone to work together to accomplish the greater good.

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