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What I want the world to know

January 14, 2016

What I want the world to know was my response to a post written on March 3, 2015 by Author NAOMIWHITCARE which asked the question “If I asked you to speak, say anything you want the world to hear, what would it be?”

I am sharing my response again today because today I was watching “The View” and the host Joy in my opinion, felt the need to read a very racist comment by someone who has already pretty much established their racism.

I was appalled by her laughter at the comment and decided to write how I felt about that situation on the Facebook page of The View. I did not express views about Joy herself just the action of her reading the comment.  However a reply was given by a viewer I suppose basically stating that I was racist, although nothing about my comment mentioned the words race, racist or racism at all.

In the process of me responding to her reply I referenced my response to the question “If I asked you to speak, say anything you want the world to hear, what would it be? And I would like to share it here as well.

I understand that we have many views and perspectives in this world about Everything but in my 40 years of living on March 3, 2015 at 9:21 PM I shared these words because I just know what I see

My words were then and they are now

“I would want the world to hear that we can no longer continue to “mind our business” and say that we Love. We cannot continue to think we are not capable of being an agent of change, when we all have some power within. We cannot put an end to racism as long as we continue to classify race. We can no longer keep living in the lie that their is race, because again I promise if we all check our DNA not one of us is made up of one race- therefore we are all bi-racial and thus race only exists as far as we continue to teach it. Yes we should celebrate our culture and ALL that comes with it, but at the end of the day, I really want my race to be AMERICAN – that’s all that’s it. Especially when the youth of toady are clearly showing all things transcends color.

I want the world to know that although there is a difference between men and women- women deserve to be treated equally and fairly- as well as respected- so tired of the double standards that come with gender from every facet- Each person should be able to live according to the “rules’ of their household without feeling compelled to uphold some image or role.

I would want the world to know that we will heal from all the ugly things we experience in this world once we stop aiming to fix what’s clearly broken, honestly stand for the things we know are right, and just be honest about all the things that are within.

It is known that change starts within so if we truly desire change then when are we going to look within, understanding that we ALL need help with something in Life if not many things. I would want the world to know that everything we see is bigger than it shows including yourself so think big but be humble. I would want this world to know that in all my ‘meanness” I aim to Love more than I allow to show but I do have a deep anger towards some things I experience and see in this world. I would want the world to know that I am a proud work in progress and I am not writing this letter as if I am not FLAWED.

Sincerely Niki Alston- and I promise I look within -so I am comfortable sharing my name and my thoughts out

Thank You for opening up this opportunity to be heard- Have a Happy Tuesday”

Please clearly understand that I am not Blind to racism, and I see we are clearly in a fight for our Lives plus much yet at the end of the day this is want I want the world to hear because along with King’s Dream it is so time for the change.

  1. I see what you’re saying. I’m not only a woman but I am a woman with a disability. That makes me feel like I’m being held down extra hard in the world. Leaving a comment on The View page, you’re almost guaranteed to get someone who disagrees with or attacks you.

  2. I am always stunned by the American obsession to classify people according to their race. This is now catching on in Britain and I will fight it whenever I encounter it. What really is an African American — if your great grandfather was black —why does that matter?

    When my eldest son was born, he was dark skinned and black haired, whilst my friends baby was pale and blonde. They have now swapped and as adults, he is pale with skin that burns at the first touch of sunlight, while she is has a gorgeous chocolate skin. We are all one humanity.

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