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The Collection

January 14, 2016

This poem was written by Niki Alston 2007- This piece earned its titled because I used excerpts from pieces I wrote while taking my 1st writers class with DC Writer’s Way Group


I wasn’t quite sure what to write or what to read

So excited to be given the opportunity to speak and be heard.

Do I tell how my life resembles the characters on Seinfeld
or do I tell how I live this world longing for peace

Thanks to this opportunity of sharing I was told I had the voice of an activist

From this class I learned to honestly write
Stay positive and driven
Don’t worry about what’s already been done
“For we have been taught that there is nothing new under the sun”

There’s power in words, be confident in what you say and if the opportunity of this soulful experience allows -let control be lost and dance

If I say these words correctly they will become inscribes on walls

The important task left for me to do is stand my ground and stay true

Listen Well to Life Lessons Sing
Sweet Soft Melodies
Only Experience can bring

Share Your Words, Share Your Dreams, Create a Mood, and somewhere we will find Honesty.

Peace and Blessings

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