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January 2016- The Writer

January 14, 2016

Yesterday was our 1st Second Cup writers meeting for 2016, and once again we were asked to state what are your possible writings goals for 2016.

Before attending the meeting I was giving this question some thought.

As I constantly look at a stack of at least 500 typed pages of things I have wrote in my past but never spent time to edit. Various types of writings dating back to 2000, then there’s another stack of written pages -same thing, I have not taken the time to do anything with them. The tote I dragged out my closest last month filled with notebooks, and journals from the last 15 years.

I have 143 posts written on this site and maybe 30 of these posts are past projects reexamined.

Many have asked why haven’t you written a book, I look forward to your book, and with one stack of papers I convinced myself I would make that my 1st book once I edited the pages, but when will that be, when will I take the time.
This here is new writing about the old writings that sit.

I decided after group that I will take the time this 2016 to revamp and edit the pages that sit. Read my past work, edit and share. The Collection was the 1st piece from this cycle. After this I will share “How This War Was Won”.

It’s amazing how I can spend so much time thinking and overthinking- I fail to realize writing is an Art and just like that song a musician feels that they may sang and perform a hundred times to make a hit, I may have to do the same with certain pieces I write. Does it matter if I shared it on another blog site before, or read it out loud 4 times, or entered it in 3 contests? I have to keep in mind that it maybe new to someone, even me once I revamp it.

This January 2016 and for the year of 2016 I will Write and Share consistently. Staring with the pieces from 15 years ago. If you may have read it or seen it before, I hope it will inspire something new. If its new to you that’s even better. I have embraced that my overall themes may repeat because those are the issues that are true to my heart. I embrace that I have no style other than honesty because I write how it flows out of me. I accept that when I share, I may not receive the feedback I desire, and I understand that some words will have no words to give back because what’s written speaks for itself. I am Grateful to all the platforms I use that allow me the opportunity and means to share my voice and words.

Happy January 2016 World – May all I WRITE and share create some common ground to promote Unity.

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