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Always an Angel 

January 13, 2016

Although we all have gifts and talents money can’t buy, these gift and talents can and may be used to make money.

Most have jobs and look for work rather than taking a chance on Trusting their gifts and talents.

In this moment now, I played the lottery because the jackpot is to good for me to pass up; and I am generating all types of thoughts in my head and agreements of sharing this or that just at the thought of having a chance to win 1.5 Billion dollars. If I am fortunate enough to win, yes you can have this and yes I will do that. Noticing in this moment, I have a higher sense of trust in the possibility of winning the lottery than I do in my gifts or talents.

In my desire to acquire money whether it be a job or earning from my gifts and talents, there are two positions God has entrusted me with that I had no clue I was being until it was brought to my attention by others and the reading of God’s Word. And now that I am aware of their purpose and how I have been subconsciously filling these positions, I am aiming to seek God, Trusting his “hiring” accepting the positions of Angel and Vessel; which as a human, I am often blinded by my own thoughts being intimidated by actual titles seeking to Trust because of doubt and needing validation for being something I was doing along.

In the position of an Angel my job requires me to Bless the position of REAL friend, Embrace the duties of Just, Fair, and Noble. Accept the Blessing of Present, Presence, and Moments. Knowing some moments may become milestones, but EVERY moment guarantees lessons, memories, and experience. And these moments also present the ability to be an Angel or a Vessel representing the fullness of God.

Living “engrained” Money is Power explains the human understanding and action to gain it by any means necessary.

Living as an Angel and Vessel I have to realize the money will take care of itself. Trusting God at His word, “It is he who gives power to get wealth”, along with promises of inheritance, riches and Glory.

In the positions of Angel and Vessel I am Blessed to Be Blessed, a Blessing and a Gift with the Belief that more Abundance in All areas will come to fulfill bigger deeds as a human Vessel providing the gift and talents of God along with Money.

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