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Always an Angel 

January 13, 2016

Although we all have gifts and talents money can’t buy but can and may be used to make money.

Most have jobs and look for work going more for the chance than Trusting the talent.

I know that I am generating all types of thoughts in my head and agreements of sharing just at the thought of having a chance to win 1.5 Billion dollars. Yes I am saying if I am fortunate enough to win, yes you can have this and yes I will do that.

As I seek to Trust God accepting the positions of Angel and Vessel, as human I am often blinded by the power to gain more than the strength to Be.

As position of an Angel this jobs requires to Bless the position of REAL friend, Embrace the duties of Just, Fair, and Noble. Accept the Blessing of Present, Presence, and Moments. Knowing some moments may become milestones, but EVERY moment guarantees lessons, memories, and experience. In moments these factors are the longevity and some people are only meant to hold longevity as a part of the moment not always longevity with the person themselves.

Embracing new, recognizing stagnation 

It’s hard to make sense of and Trust that the only entities to have “that” guaranteed longevity are God and family; –  guaranteed gifts that we have no control over who or what is given.

A statement I read that stuck with me today is ” true love ain’t easy and easy love ain’t true”. Affirming Love requires me to put everything aside and acquire All things a dollar can’t buy.

Living “engrained” Money is Power explains the human understanding and action to gain.

Tomorrow when I win my 1000 Millions, 50 million shared for sure as 1 million given to 50 people, so 950 million will Fund Projects to change my world for sure.

As the Angel I have been, can be and often am, not fake for friends just true to “Fam” and ALL gifts given to me. I speak God is in control and a vessel I desire to agree to be.

The longevity of the job as Angel and Vessel I am Blessed to Be Blessed, a Blessing and a gift thus far without money.

Elections are coming, these laws are “REALLY DEFINITELY” UP FOR GRABS with the Money leading the polls.

We pool together to make Walmart and a jackpot Billions but haven’t found common ground to pool together for Godly Good. Not the squabbles of who own the land, which doctrine is True, one God, one accord, the God of Love, Peace, Just, Fair, Righteousness- GOOD.

I write it, not too shabby at living it, but if you ain’t Fam you not going to know it. So this time I promise to share the gift beyond my world, so that ” He may be honored”

Always an Angel, believing to fulfill more and bigger deeds as a human Vessel providing Love, Affection and yes Money. 


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