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January 7, 2016- Renewing of Mind

January 7, 2016

The 1st week of 2016, the return to the school routine, social media, and morning talk shows.

The New Year’s challenges, goals, resolutions and promises.

The mindset of change and new.

Not sure if it’s the year itself, my age, or awareness but I see a change and difference surfacing.

Since Sunday I have heard “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” – Romans 12

During my social media break – I actively engaged in more conversation with my children – with a strong focus on ensuring we create more understanding amongst each other

It’s amazing how so many things get shared with the world that are never mentioned with people in my own home-

Renewing of the mind- each day I strive to be better than the day before – I strive to be ” just” me

Renewing of my mind- shedding away the old and all that’s not true

Renewing my mind is constant growth, always learning and a knowing change is constant

I am not sure what 2016 holds but this is another year where in all this change I clearly know who holds my future. I will renew my mind daily with the Word and Love of God. May I strive this year more than before to be a Blessing, Love, Peace and Light. May I strive to share more at home 1st, the world second and most importantly may I Trust that as long as I continue to put God 1st in His goodness there is only more good to come.

Happy New Year World may we ALL grasp the knowledge that what we live at home is what we share with the world, so I pray that our homes are filled with Love, Truth, Honesty, Peace, Forgiveness, Good Health, Healing, Abundance, Overflow, Prosperity, Justice, Fairness, Understanding, Unity, Purpose, Creativity, Faith, Compassion and a Renewing of our Minds. May this 2016 bombard our homes with the things that are noble and pure and continuously pray that Love for each other will overflow more and more.

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  1. Good post! Light and Love, Shona

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