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December 9, 2015

December 9, 2015

I realize when I am feeling the urge to type and release and so much is on my mind the best title I can give  it, is the date of the release.

It seems so odd and unavoidably troubling that in this season to be jolly, so much calamity  is hitting nationwide and personal- I see so much anger and misery and I am wondering what’s the cure?

This past Saturday morning our family was hit with some troubling news, that has placed more of a damper on my spirits than I would like to grasp. The media/syndicated “News” of everything speaks for itself.  And, yesterday I heard about another cousin and a situation he has gotten himself into and once again everything has me questioning why?

Today I read “not everyone can channel bitterness into ambition”

As we get closer to what is usually one of the best and most charitable times of the year, an overall gratitude of another year completed, and a new year to begin- I strongly urge and ask us all to use these remaining 22 days of 2015 to do a thorough assessment of our daily activities, thoughts, words, prayers, actions, desires, accusations, assumptions, perceptions, aches, pains, input, and output etc. in other words our entire being daily- Focus all our energy on our ways, behavior, manners, character, morals, and values

Is Love or Greed our driving force? How much self-control do we have? And what areas do we have self- control? How much Joy Do we have?

Over these last few days so many emotions have surfaced from the usual drought, the deaths during the holidays, the tension in the air, and all the things the holidays have become over these last few decades.

What is overwhelming in my Spirit in spite of all this “spraying and wiping” is in society and in our personal lives somewhere in some area,  we are covering and trying to hide broken spirits, bitterness, and a deep hostility towards past hurts and beliefs.

As I continue in these days of silence, and separation from much, I see we all need to heal from much to free the world from pain. We all need people to care, we all need people to support us, and we all need Love to keep us at our best. We all want to be appreciated, respected, and heard. We all want much of the same things from internal Peace, to outward possessions, yet somehow in the anger, misery, bitterness, and lies somewhere we lost sight of equality and self-control.  When we fully govern ourselves we display and demonstrate the respect of our being to others. Broken spirits, bitterness, anger, misery, and hostility blinds the vision of equality and self-control. Assessing ourselves will begin the process of healing.

Let’s Grow Big my People, Think Big, Think ABove, and let’s gain the true identity of Freedom. It’s bigger than we are taught. Strong Mind, Good Health, Peace Within to Live Peace Out, Compassion, Silence, Love, and Generational Wealth- so busy killing, stealing, scheming, cheating, lying, jealousy and envy for scraps and material possessions we have been in a constant struggle, pain, turmoil and chaos that in a season of cheer, and charity I am writing this.

Free the broken spirits, free the pain, and free the hostility so we can Live in more Peace than chaos, more Love than Fear, and more Wealth than poverty. Spiritually, mentally, physically, self-actualization, love, esteem, belonging, safety, and financially. Freedom.


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