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Is it really Facebook?

December 5, 2015

Wednesday I was speaking with my cousin about some issues in his relationship, he stated Facebook adds fuel to fire – I asked him about his actions.

Friday I was speaking to a best friend and she mentioned Facebook has people believing in “friends and made – up families”

Friday afternoon I was texting with my spiritual sister and she mentioned that “although Facebook has it’s good it also has “others.

As I decided to take a break from Facebook in honor of Dick Gregory, aiming to focus my life and energy on more substance.

I can’t help but ask is it really Facebook? Or have we just found something else to blame? I was raised mind over matter, and while once again there is this one matter in my life I have yet to rise my mind over;  overall I aim to live mind over matter- and I will approve myself a passing grade in this class.

For me Facebook is pretty much parallel to the life I live- if I have something to say and I feel comfortable expressing it, I say it/ type it- when I don’t feel like talking I don’t speak period- if I see something I feel is worth looking into, I research it further, and if there is someone I don’t want to talk too- I don’t

I know in the history of this world everything is built on image and since the beginning of time we have felt the need to paint things how we want them to appear – we were taught Pilgrims- the Natives know them as murders- meaning we all get so caught up in image and matter we forget to be mindful of Truth.

For me mind over matter was taught as the ability to know what you value in you to override what is going on outside of you. mind over matter was the ability to tune out anything outside of you to penetrate what was within. mind over matter was the strength that made so many endure harsh living and survive. Mind over matter is what I live most times now to rise my focus above the little things I see tearing many apart. Mind over matter is what keeps my thoughts above when everything around me says are you crazy!!! Mind over matter is what has prompted me to type this and ask is it really Facebook when in my world since conception everything has always been around to add fuel to fire, so how are we living to be surrounded by fuel and consumed by the fire?

Please understand I am not saying the world is all good and there are no problems with Facebook, however I am saying that the world needs more good and we have to muster up the energy to rise above that platform idea of usage and rise it to a level where the matter feeds the mind and anything that’s not building doesn’t matter and we should have no worries or fears of tuning it out.

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