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Beyond Seeing

December 2, 2015

“Miscommunication leads to complications”- Lauryn Hill

As I continue this mission and goal to Live being the best me I can be daily, the accusations, assumptions and perceptions are becoming more apparent to being a major cause of so much divide in ourselves, those around us and this world. We as a people in this world have to concentrate and override almost everything we encounter to wholeheartedly tune into what our “position” is on this Earth.

As I watch families fall apart, so much chaos and turmoil in these streets, and the constant destruction of this world I see that the accusations, assumptions and perceptions are more dangerous than we acknoweldege them for.

We are missing out on opportunities of connection, growth, and teamwork because we have so many “ideas” and “notions” of what this or that SHOULD BE and we fail to let people and things BE.  We are constantly putting people down, believing image and material items over kindness and fairness.  We have all these ideas about what won’t work, how things are, and what we think someone needs to do. And we disregard sound advice and direction because of Who said it versus what’ being said.

The biggest lesson I am living is to be a solution for every problem or complaint I speak on, I vent it to one or two good friends then after that I take it directly to the person I am venting about or I release it in prayer. I am learning to correct every “wrong” thought I have or share out of my mouth. I am learning to embrace moments down to the second where I can often tell time now without a watch because I am tuning in to the day and what it brings. I am learning to be an effective communicator to assure understanding between me and as many as I encounter, and most beneficially for me I am learning to slow my mind and body down to hear that still small voice that directs me to believe beyond what is physically seen to grasp the bigger picture. We get so caught up in the mundane details of the day we rarely grasp the reason, lesson, and purpose for every encounter we experience.  During this holiday season I am taking a few breaks from the rountine of my day to quiet me down a little more because I know this world and God is showing me things beyond what I see and in order to have them to see them, I must trust beyond the seeing, gain understanding, and allow more things to reveal instead of me making accusations, assumptions and perceptions to what I think things are.

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