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September 25. 2015- My Reflections of The Pope’s visit

September 25, 2015

I shared this message on FB so I will add the excerpts of the speech at the end of this posting along with the links to his speeches in it’s entirety.  Happy Friday wordpress today’s FB stat read as follows

“I made a video yesterday that I didn’t share titled CHANGE- I shared a quote with a friend yesterday by Gwendolyn Brooks-

“We are each other’s harvest: We are each other’s business: We are each other’s magnitude and bond”

Today I have shared the speeches given by Pope Francis to Congress and the United Nations along with excerpts from both speeches that touched me the most because I believe he expressed much of what I have been expressing in my own posts and stats.

I can understand why some may have a hard time not wanting to hear certain words from me, however I share his words today hoping and praying that more will take heed to what we can do and what is possible to create CHANGE.

I have read post after post about how we “do not play when it comes to mines” and I too share that attitude. So if this is true and we all know and see what the world needs to CHANGE, “Who will we listen to and what will we do as individuals to be more of an instrument to CHANGE?”

I say to my Cousin often- I have examined me so much, I can solve the world problems better than I know; I so hope between his speeches, past words shared by many, and all that we see pertaining to #BLACKLIVESMATTER- we as a Group and a Nation will examine those fine details that we are so overlooking in our lives as individuals to generate a Future free from much of these past plagues and horrors that our ancestors have experienced and that many are facing today -to promote a better outcome for those we don’t play about.

Happy Friday World may we all Be Blessed to not take this visit and words shared lightly- because if the Spirit that is in the Pope can touch Boehner who has been crying since Wednesday – Pope Francis maybe more than just another white man in a robe talking.-IJS

And I will ask “What will it take to generate a voice that will last to take us to the level beyond where Dr. King left us?”

excerpt from speech by Pope Francis to The United Nations

“As Paul VI said: “The real danger comes from man, who has at his disposal ever more powerful instruments that are as well fitted to bring about ruin as they are to achieve lofty conquests” (ibid.).

The common home of all men and women must continue to rise on the foundations of a right understanding of universal fraternity and respect for the sacredness of every human life, of every man and every woman, the poor, the elderly, children, the infirm, the unborn, the unemployed, the abandoned, those considered disposable because they are only considered as part of a statistic. This common home of all men and women must also be built on the understanding of a certain sacredness of created nature.

Such understanding and respect call for a higher degree of wisdom, one which accepts transcendence, rejects the creation of an all-powerful élite, and recognizes that the full meaning of individual and collective life is found in selfless service to others and in the sage and respectful use of creation for the common good. To repeat the words of Paul VI, “the edifice of modern civilization has to be built on spiritual principles, for they are the only ones capable not only of supporting it, but of shedding light on it” (ibid.).”- Pope Francis – excerpt from speech to the United Nations

“It must never be forgotten that political and economic activity is only effective when it is understood as a prudential activity, guided by a perennial concept of justice and constantly conscious of the fact that, above and beyond our plans and programmes, we are dealing with real men and women who live, struggle and suffer, and are often forced to live in great poverty, deprived of all rights.

To enable these real men and women to escape from extreme poverty, we must allow them to be dignified agents of their own destiny. Integral human development and the full exercise of human dignity cannot be imposed. They must be built up and allowed to unfold for each individual, for every family, in communion with others, and in a right relationship with all those areas in which human social life develops – friends, communities, towns and cities, schools, businesses and unions, provinces, nations, etc. This presupposes and requires the right to education – also for girls (excluded in certain places) – which is ensured first and foremost by respecting and reinforcing the primary right of the family to educate its children, as well as the right of churches and social groups to support and assist families in the education of their children. Education conceived in this way is the basis for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and for reclaiming the environment.

At the same time, government leaders must do everything possible to ensure that all can have the minimum spiritual and material means needed to live in dignity and to create and support a family, which is the primary cell of any social development. In practical terms, this absolute minimum has three names: lodging, labour, and land; and one spiritual name: spiritual freedom, which includes religious freedom, the right to education and other civil rights.

For all this, the simplest and best measure and indicator of the implementation of the new Agenda for development will be effective, practical and immediate access, on the part of all, to essential material and spiritual goods: housing, dignified and properly remunerated employment, adequate food and drinking water; religious freedom and, more generally, spiritual freedom and education. These pillars of integral human development have a common foundation, which is the right to life and, more generally, what we could call the right to existence of human nature itself.”- Pope Francis – excerpt from speech to the United Nations

excerpt from speech Pope Francis to Congress

“It is important that today, as in the past, the voice of faith continue to be heard, for it is a voice of fraternity and love, which tries to bring out the best in each person and in each society. Such cooperation is a powerful resource in the battle to eliminate new global forms of slavery, born of grave injustices which can be overcome only through new policies and new forms of social consensus.”- Pope Francis – Speech to Congress

Link to transcrpits of Pope Francis’ speech to Congress


Link to transcript of Pope Francis’ speech to the United Nations

Pope Francis’ speech to The United Nations

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