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“It’s not where you from it’s where you’re at”

August 5, 2015

I learned “it’s not where you from it’s where you at”

The place where I am from is nothing like I knew when I was there

The place I am at is nothing like I ever known

I was raised around neighbors who Loved as family

Now I am surrounded by family who Love to be foe

Last night my middle child asked me ” What do I think the world needs more of?”
My answer “Honesty- once we accept Truth we will have Love and in Love you, will have and acquire everything”

As much as I aim to focus on God and Good

Where I am at – The lies are haunting from the grave

Where I am at- The only grind most know and actively pursue is to keep people under above ground and below

Where I am at- The Hate is ALL blood

So like there, I am here watching destruction take it’s course, while “reform” will slowly creep in to remove ALL of what we thought it would always be.

Please know this when the shootings and killings increase in any area while construction is taking place all around at the same time – the destruction is only aiding to the “construction” of getting your black/poor ass out of town.

Money always moves that how it keeps it flow.


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