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Happy Wednesday July 1st, 2015

July 1, 2015

Happy Wednesday – After writing “The Mistakes that keep on Giving in wee hours of Monday AM” The past two days Monday and Tuesday has taken on a new openness because it was stated so clearly numerous time – if you are going through anything it’s because what’s in you

The same way I recalled the bad to write about the mistake – celebrating Victory and Joy has shifted the conversation drastically and the things learned plus the GOOD memories shared- is reminding me of the times I was told I was a breathe of fresh air more than once, I am profound more than once, I am different, they don’t have what you have inside of you- the jobs and work were all apart of the attack-and as long as I keep my focus on that – I missed this – Niki you have some of the most amazing stories as I shared the experience of going to the wrong funeral_ “naw that aint Sunny”

Today I wake up in awe of me -knowing I have open myself to Be me Better- and as “sermoned” to this AM – the process is Purpose, Problem, and PAIN- God I share this Praise once again, I Thank You for the Pain because Victory and Joy are real.

Enjoy the 1st Bible Study Wednesday of July -Spreading what I know, have and learn in pure confidence now- in Hope to Encourage others- there are so many paths out there and the one I am is better then I knew.

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