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Happy 1st Monday of June

June 1, 2015

Happy 1st day of June Monday-

The month of May was really a WOW as I shared witness to so many people dying from personal to beyond.

In this month of May I watched so much unfold and the question I learned to ask is not Why but WHAT?

As I embrace the fact wholeheartedly that I am Loved by a few and hated by most. I embrace the fact wholeheartedly my name is mentioned out of the mouths of people I don’t even consider (and not in the positive) ask me anything about them and my answer is mostly I don’t know- ask them about me and I guarantee that’s not the answer you getting- better yet just let me walk in the room and pay attention to the faces

And again the question is not Why but WHAT?

When I 1st considered joining Facebook – the advice given and followed was “It’s All WHAT You Make It”? And I am so proud to KNOW that, WHAT I am making it is something Powerful

So again the question is not Why but What?

I have shared with a friend of mine that as I examine my life and myself enough – looking at all the details I face and encounter- I understand WHAT is happening in this world more than I want to- I see how my knowing irritates many- and see how my life irritates me smile emoticon

I see how many go out of their way to always point fingers out never pointing them in-I see how the double standards of our beliefs have us “titling” the “guilty innocent” and the “innocent guilty”-And as I have been reminded once again about the importance of TIME along with Life and Purpose – again the question is WHAT?

What am I doing to cherish Life?
What I am doing that causes the hate and looks?
What do I reflect?
What I am I showing GOD in this Life I Live?

You see May has showed me that as much as I dream, desire, and wish for healing and peace there is an evil that lurks deep at the roots of this Earth and especially this Country and I will mention again until we seek Souls and the Holy Spirit that evil will continue to surface in examples of all this hate and shootings we have experienced strongly in this past month alone.

May has showed me that I will only be Loved by the people who Love me and everybody else can truly just go to “Heaven” smile emoticon yes as mad as I get -I am finally grasping not to pick up the phone and bad mouth them, better yet not to bad mouth them at all. Do I have my opinions yes- but- instead I aim to Live the meaning and doing of Bless those who curse me and only when they address me do I address them- other than that all that side talking and comments – Brush them off and do not allow them to affect or effect me- Repeat lesson but a lesson that so has to be grasped

May has showed me that Dreams do come true and the Time I am counting and the time people aim to make me feel guilty about is nothing compared to God’ s eternity-so for all the time he gives -be mindful to use it to build towards the dream, the goal, the vision, and his Purpose. As long as the time is invested to the BEST of my ability -it is never time wasted. And I Must incorporate more FUN into my TIME- no matter my Life never deny myself of FUN- and sometimes I will have to force it – the same way I force time for other things but everyone deserves FUN in their life.

In this past month of May once again God is reminding me my reflection is more of Him than I give myself credit for and only when I press wholeheartedly to tune into him, Praise Him, and Thank Him -tune out to people- will I become more of Him and live the cherished Life he has promised me. This past month has showed me I aimed to share as many Prayers and Blessings as possible hoping we all Live a more Blessed and Cherished Life.

May has showed me that I am perfectly flawed, I live in no shame, guilt or regrets-therefore, BLESSED BE THIS JUNE and this Monday celebrating Life and all I have aimed to make it, share and give thus far.

My What for June is God may I continue to be, type, share, pray, and bless what you give me hoping it grants much Love, Peace, Soul, and Happiness to those who are willing to receive it from me smile emoticon . Happy Monday World Thank You Father God for this new Start to the new day to the 1st of this new month of June

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