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The Mess and The Test

May 13, 2015

I know we have heard let your mess become a message; And let your test be your testimony

The most powerful messages, and testimonies are the things we are ashamed, guilty, embarrassed, “wrong”, “ugly”, all the shit we feel that we can’t share, only a few need to know, people will make fun of me etc. that’s going to create the change and decrease the numbers in the cycle

We have no worries sharing the trials and tribulations once we are on the stage, or we made it- but the thing is – how many of us will live “a made it life”- their will be billions pf people on this Earth and only a few million will have the “made it life”

So where does that leave the rest? That rest is the product of the class most of us are in now- and that most of us are here because of lack of communication, understanding, awareness, and acceptance.

The mess as the message and the test as the testimony may not be the prettiest story to tell but if the lesson is grasped and the goal is teaching -this is the proof of what will save others

Honesty is Freedom, Truth is Life – In history there were Black Wall Streets in many cities not just Tulsa, what happened there was so horrific most of us are just learning about the communities now- what happened there was so devastating we basically have not been able to rebuild any communities such as this since then- It’s so ugly what happened no one talked about it- I use this as an example because ugly killed the community but the beauty died along with it- We are arguing endlessly about equality and justice- we have yet to gain the grounds to build our foundation, community, and unity- why because we keep walking around embarrassed, mad, bitter, complacent, and fearful of the mess and the tests

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