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Definitely a Random Thought for May 4th Be with You

May 4, 2015

Some say it’s not what you say – it’s how you say it
I know now -it’s not what you say – it’s who says it

It’s not what’s done – it’s who does it

They say it’s written all over your face- and sometimes its true
Lately I have had the pleasure of people telling me what it is they thought I was thinking and it was wrong- agreed my facial expression changed strongly and yes I had a thought but the thought I had was not what they thought I was thinking 🙂

I know this phase I am in right now is a shift, it’s definitely a message, and it’s a teaching to show how “wrong” I can be. As I had an experience with a co-worker 2 weeks ago -were we both felt something about hate -but again wrong- who he perceived me to be and who I perceived him to be – after a car ride and conversation – so much the same down to the tickets. The hate sensed from each other was there, but it was a reflection of us hating much in our Life and all the things we have experienced thus far – that has you constantly asking why me

And once again it’s that Victory and Hell that comes to mind and as you are going through hell , you see and know your victory

We both agreed on every moment how so much worked out, and just the things you experienced that you know could have went so many other ways, we laughed because his friends said things worked out for him because he’s white, we guess they worked out for me because I am woman;, – yet we both agreed they worked out because in spite of much We live in a Faith – that’s moving much and in frustration you wish it would move more- but in reality You are grateful and mad as fuck at the same damn time- BALANCE


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