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Collective-My take on the Baltimore Riots

April 29, 2015

I stated a time before that I would use my post to contribute to positive change and when “Blacks” stop being number “one” on the news then I would stop posting.

Today as I watched so many views about everything taking place in Baltimore; yesterday I attended a funeral for a Great- Aunt who volunteered for 25 years, provided care for 150-200 children, and was remembered as a dedicated person and a great mother.  The lesson proven to me once again yesterday is the advice I offer for today, We as a people have to do more, think of others Most, and live Good. Because that volunteering of 25 years she did was not just random events of volunteering it was 25 years straight at one place as if it was her job, and in essence it was her God given assignment but you understand the point I am making. How many of us have or know someone who has volunteered pretty much 8 hours of their day everyday for 25 consecutive years at one establishment? Other than church?

When we as people who say we want better and want things to be better come together collectively-this is when we will see Change.

I see how we allow the message and the messengers to fall on deaf ears because of perceptions and differences- yet today I saw millions agree that rioting is not the answer just like I saw millions agree for rioting. Everyone agrees she is mom of the year- but this message of Peace and living it- has been alluding us for centuries. And it’s mainly due to the misperception of peace and what it means to live it.

Yesterday I heard the legacy of one person to hundreds imagine if each one of us that say we want change could COLLECTIVELY do the same daily and that message was being lived so strong it had to go viral because its lived- Not just random acts of kindness for the day – But an everyday collective action to enhance the voice of change

We have rioted, marched, prayed, organized unions, committees, and non-profit organizations but the things that create the change we have been fighting for since slavery has yet to be established; and until we reach that collective understanding and action we will be rioting, marching, praying, organizing unions, committees, and non- profits once again.  Because the pacification will come to hold most over while the others take it all in until they explode. And when we end up right back here again as history has shown us today to remind us of ALL the times before back to the Nat Turner revolt remember this -it all stems from unfair treatment of “whites” towards “blacks” and so many other wars and revolts in America, “blacks” have always been afraid to take a stand as a WHOLE, and  we ALL (America) have such a misperception of what it takes to do good, who should be doing good, or who’s allowed to do it -not enough People stand period.

I stated once before my goal is citizen or non-citizen however when we get to this point -this is when the change has happened collectively and we have truly learned to put all the lies and bull-shit to rest.

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