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The Lie

April 20, 2015

At first you think you hate the lie that was told, then you begin to ask why are they lying anyway, but when it really settles it’s not the lie or the question; it’s the fact the lie was ever spoken

You wonder if it’s something in me that shows “I can’t handle Truth”

Or is Truth so scarce lies are the only thing to use

Most don’t like pain, I can’t argue that; so save us both the pain and just state the Facts

Because what’s honestly sad is I never believed your words; I only wanted to Believe in You and what I told myself you were

Sometimes looking beyond the surface is a gift and a curse ; so if you ever ask I will answer what I believe

Don’t get mad when I tell you every lie I knew wasn’t True
Or the ones I learned later and still didn’t say a word to you

Hear what I believe and I will do the same for you;
because again my belief was in you and what I told myself you were


From → Muse, poetry

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