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April 17, 2015

Happy Friday April 17th 2015 – “Be still and know that I am GOD”

This is truly one of the hardest challenges that I have faced thus far. As I aimed to acquire this stillness that God speaks of -from Jan 20th – April 20th; while a few task came easier than expected astonishingly surprising to others and myself, a few others I will have to accept that I will conquer them next time if granted or they were not a part of his plan anyway.

During this time I was given the power of forgiveness, the acceptance of LIFE as it is, and the definite understanding that nothing becomes TRUE until I believe it. I learned that sometimes you have to STRONGLY TUNE OUT pretty much everyone you know as so many are filled with opinions about who you are or what you are doing but have very little understanding of you as a person. I had to accept that the ones closest to me are the ones talking about me the most, and they are usually the quickest ones to speak of me negatively. I had to accept that no matter how much these things bother me and hurt, I can have awareness of it all and diminish every word of it by simply turning it over to GOD. Understanding words have power I had to learn how to rebuke the negative, the naysayers and affirm what I want to be true.

I had to accept that I am changed, my views and opinions can be a ” little out” there many times, and there is MORE in my life that I need to be doing. My spending habits need MUCH MORE REPAIR and I am Blessed more than I speak. I had to train my mind above the “somethings” in life that happen whenever I seem to put my aim into doing ‘something” better. And once again I had to grasp as much as I aim to remove myself from people because of pain I need people more than ever, and I must use discernment for the “right ones” to cross. Forgiveness is understanding that no matter how much pain I have caused and received the right ones will come to keep me focused and more. Long story short I had to make the decision if I was going to be a person with a with a Great Mind or the other kind.

And although I have typed “Let’s Make it GREAT” much; in the process of this stillness I made a solid “unwaveable” decision to that GREAT, and I had to accept that if this is the choice I strongly desire to Live – than I have to place ALL my focus, time, and energy on being that GREAT Ideas that will create change, a “fairness” and more understanding.

Two people signed my $15 hour petition that I shared a while back- earlier this week I showed what that idea is doing – maybe it was me -maybe it wasn’t – but I am proud to look at what one of my ideas are doing- Speaking Into Existence because I have definitely typed and written the vision to make it plain and plan –

Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone and I Thank you ALL for the support and non-support I have received thus far- It has All helped to REVEAL MUCH!!!!!!

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