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1000 Voices for Compassion -Niki Alston’s Voice

February 20, 2015

1000 Voices


Today is the day where over 1000 bloggers have agreed to write about compassion. And in case you have not read or seen any previous postings about it, “1000 Voices of Compassion was designed to “get 1000 bloggers to write posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement, care for the environment etc, and ALL PUBLISH ON THE SAME DAY (Feb 20th) to flood the Blogosphere with GOOD!.”

When I read this call I didn’t hesitate to join, but as the day approached I became nervous and scared about what to write, what could I say, or what can I say that a 1000 others have not already said.

Compassion is a desire to help others who are suffering, and this need to help is a deep desire to alleviate that suffering. Compassion is deeper than empathy or sympathy- Compassion is the voice that says I feel your pain and I will find a way to make your pain stop. It’s putting yourself in another shoes and walking in them no matter how bad they hurt. Compassion is that voice that says I will not rest until these things are better.

Today over a 1000 people agreed to give their voice to compassion to alleviate the pain of suffering in all facets of life. In this post I add to this voice hoping and praying that this movement and the words of these bloggers will transform from the screen to action of every individual that reads because while we have been living in this world with acknowledgment, empathy, and sympathy of poverty, injustice, racism, sexism, destruction, homicides, genocides, and extinctions of our history;  present clearly shows that we are capable of random acts of kindness, and band- aiding wounds to ease the pain but compassion as of now is just a word in the dictionary waiting for its turn to live.

On February 20, 2015 as over 1000 voices join together to give a voice to Compassion may today also mark the day that Compassion becomes ALIVE.

Compassion pic

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