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Next Time

February 5, 2015

Next Time
Originally Written October 27, 2011
Revised February 5, 2015

Time Gives Perfect Advice
and I wouldn’t trade its wisdoms or lessons
“for all the tea in China”

If I loose a dollar
I can get another

Time is not always guaranteed the same
So I Love Next Time
Whenever its given to me

I may finish a task at hand
View the final product
Decide if I am pleased or not
If not
Next Time granted
I’ll use it to get it better

Next Time

Allows my “missed” opportunities
to be acquired once again

Next Time
Is such a good friend
It will be greater and there will be fun
Next Time is not always a far away bend
Time flies and the days go fast
but to perceive Next Time

When it can be a minute
An hour or sometimes years
Put it off one day and ten days will pass
it waits for no man
so we shouldn’t put off tomorrow what can be done today

When energy and opportunity meets
what couldn’t happen then
may happen next time

Next Time
Is that clock I give voice
And speak
I will be back to have you
a promise to me and the fulfillment of my dreams

Next Time

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