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The Blessing of Writing

November 29, 2014

I have said a million times how MY MIND RACES much and the advice I have been given just as much as my mind race- is SLOW DOWN for there are so many who see I move as fast as my mind moves and definitely at a pace most may not move.

As I constantly aim to de-clutter much- I see the volumes of books I write my thoughts, ideas, prayers, etc. are increasing much and I can finish a 100 page notebook front and back in a few weeks – and the words flow through my head so fast I fail to type as quick as I think them and it often takes me numerous times to catch the missed words and sentences in my posts.  Sometimes the thoughts overflow so much when there is no pen or paper available -I speak them aloud as a reminder to expand on the thoughts later when I get the chance to write them down.

However the Blessing of writing is unlike words already spoken-I have the time and chance to go back and write them later, or correct them when needed. I have the chance to say what I am thinking completing a sentence with very few interruptions, and I have the ability to type my message without the feedback until after its done. I can go back to all the words written or typed and expound on their meaning or add clarity to the sentence if need be. I can rethink the thought, delete it, or accept it for what it is. With the blessing of writing and expressing I have the ability to share my inner most thoughts sending a message one time that can have the potential to touch many.  With the gift of this blessing although the reader may have the potential to take the words out of context most times the receiver will question first “what is it the writer is aiming to say” versus telling the writer what they meant. Rarely can they take the words and turn them into something they thought you said rather than hearing your actual intent. Some will apply what’s written to their lives simply because most accept writing as form of expression more than words spoken and even more can accept it for the message it is instead of dismissing it because of the person who is talking.

With the blessings of writing we can vent, express, and share in one message and most times the ones who are meant to see it will.

This holiday I ask that many will take the time to write out their inner most feelings, desires, dreams, thoughts, concerns, questions, vents, rants, and any other emotions that flows through you.

Because for me the blessing of writing in doing that was an ability to deeply see and know how I feel for me, about me, everything I see in me and in this world. And for once in my life- in this 2014 I was able to know what is me- inside and out. The purpose I am destined to live and the desire that I need to come true living more confident to make them so.

Revised February 5, 2015

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