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October 3, 2014

October 3, 2014

Happy Good Friday Everyone,

So many people say leave the past behind, and live for today, but I see my Future from looking at my past.  Not from the perspective of holding on to everything that has happened to me, I see and use the past as fuel to guide me to everything I know I want to be.  I have mentioned in previous writings that the foundation for the future was laid in the past, however I am watching greed and hoarding pile so much on the foundation, it seems to me the best way to save the structure, its values and treasures is to rid it of all the waste.

The Future I know that can be built is one of working together, and an overall fairness that generates growth, and wealth.  I know for a fact in our past we knew that all we had was each other, so we valued people more and we cherished them as the gifts they were.  In our past we valued family and although we didn’t always get along we still had respect for one another to just let people be.  I have pictures, documents, obituaries, news articles, internet, and books showing me how much we valued oneness, and building, and to watch repeatedly what we have in the world right now- how can we not look to our past knowing this is not how things should be.  And if we are so tired of hate, racism, and slavery; why are we constantly bonding people with our negativity.

I have so many things I see that are the “norm” now and being accepted as if this how it has to be and I say the Devil is a Lie.
I beg please let’ s get back to the foundation, tell the story wisely and constructively, and see THE WORLD from the best view in your power;  stop looking at what’s in front of us as if that’s all there is and will be.  We can move from place to place and if we are using the same eyes to see -no matter where we go nothing will be different.  i.e., crime in black communities overall the world- what’s different other than the city and state?

Again I say, We are innovators, movers, and shakers- teachers, doctors, and lawyers- farmers, landscapers, and builders.  We are people and we are from a place where Beauty is beyond measure and the foundation is laid and paved with Gold and Love.  The treasures are Peace, Joy, and Happiness, and the building grows from Unity.

I am really needing Our Youth to see that this constant killing, fighting, judging, criticism, and overall chaos is just a waste of time, energy, lives, and treasures.  And I am going to need Our Adults to do MUCH BETTER, because as much as I want to blame them -The Youth- I am placing more blame on Us as well- The Adults.  While I see society is Always busy working against us- Every Year I see us working against us as well and truth be told we work and talk more than society against us Everyday- What seems to be cool aint cool- and All the things we are judging on has nothing to do with the heart.

Look closer at the foundation, know our history, look at as many people in your Blood line as you can find, Look AT THE WORLD, and then see why I know our Future is destined for greatness but in 2014 I am going to need all the FUCKED UP DUMB SHIT We as ADULTS are doing to end- because honestly -I dont give a Fuck about the job, the house, or the car- I do however Care about us, our health, our well- being, minds, bodies, soul- the things that create and generate everything we work towards.

Why are we so comfortable with destruction; Think About it, and imagine two Futures one where we live in “Freedom” or the one we have now- where everything we Love and work for is truly up for grabs. If we are working to have- then why are we living to give it away.

Revised February 5, 2015


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